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Stock market star Folker Hellmeyer at GELDPILOT24 in 2018

How is 2018, Bitcoin, Roboadivisor, ETF,.....


Folker Hellmeyer, stock exchange star, sought-after guest at NTV, Bloomberg, ARD, guest at GELDPILOT24. Exclusive insights into the current world economic situation, Bitcoin, ETF and the outlook 2018 partly 2019. His expectation for the development of the world economy is 4% plus, he sees the USA at 2.5%, he considers Europe for investments as set. Folker Hellmeyer warns intensively against the dangers of a regulation of the so-called crypto currencies or BITCOIN that has not yet taken place.


We also asked about the comparison between Roboadivisor and good managed funds. With regard to assets, Folker Hellmeyer is in favour of individually managed funds. A really cool statement in an interview with GeldPilot24 at the start of 2018. Have a look at the video yourself.

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