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TV interview with CDO Felix Schnella

Why is the fund manager Felix Schnella joining GELDPILOT24?


We at GELDPILOT24 have known Felix for some time. A top manager with heart and mind, and in that order. In recent weeks Felix has worked with us to develop pitch books for investors, partners and companies.

In the temporarily more turbulent times with Covid-19, Felix made a conscious decision for GELDPILOT24 early on. Here he has the opportunity to work 100% digitally and independently of time and space with his partners and customers successfully.

For the first time, GELDPILOT24 is thus more present in the two important federal states of Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. For example in Bad Nauheim. As CDO for these federal states, we are launching a digital roadshow together with Felix to find out about the opportunities with GELDPILOT24 and Felix Schnella.

We shot the entire TV interview with Felix a few days after he officially joined GELDPILOT24. The content of the interview is highly interesting, with Felix's thoughts and decision-making momentum.

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