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Store partner Bernd Kasper in Bavaria and Saxony


More and more customers appreciate our digital boarding and their digital account respectively the end of the paper mountains. Our store partner Bernd Kasper is particularly in demand in the federal states of Bavaria and Saxony. His customers in the German Alpine region and Upper Lusatia particularly appreciate the fact that Bernd remains their personal contact despite all digital possibilities.


Bernd is looking for clubs in his region which he supports in the context of our project #MakeaBetterWorld. Condition is for it that the respective association carries the idea of GELDPILOT24 and does not collect only one-sided Sponsorgeld. The customer supports indirectly its association and Bernd as GELDPILOT24 partner is pleased about new customers. In addition it is not necessary to again lock contracts but the respective customer leaves the existing contracts simply in the future from Bernds Store to care for. In addition for its new customers no more is necessary than over GELDPILOT24-Rothenburg.de with Bernd onzuboarden.

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