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Q & A or "How does GELDPILOT24 work?"


Customer portals of insurance companies or startups exist now a few. We have decided to act clearly as your finance+insurance broker platform. This means that we do not simply read out your current account, but obtain fully automated and free information on all your contracts and evaluate them. After your online, easy eCheck, we also tell you clearly what is optimal and where you still need to act. Due to our lean online processes we are so successful that we support clubs and projects as sponsors regionally or supra-regionally instead of placing cost-intensive online or TV advertisements.


Here is a summary of the Q&A "How GELDPILOT24 works."


GELDPILOT24 is your all-in-one digital finance and insurance solution.
If you also don't want to lose track of your financial and insurance contracts anymore and don't feel like spending hours slogging through piles of paper or many online accesses, then GELDPILOT24 is the right solution for you. With us you have all your financial and insurance contracts in one account and can manage everything online. We bring CLARITY and SIMPLICITY to the complex world of finance and insurance.


All your finances and insurances at a glance. In your GELDPILOT24 account you have online access to all your financial and insurance contracts. You will find all important contract details, such as premium, payment method, contract number and all contract documents. In addition, your contracts are regularly checked for price, performance and up-to-dateness. If there is a need for action, you can recognize this by means of a traffic light system. This way you can be sure that your contracts are always up to date.

In your GELDPILOT24 account you will also find many other additional services. Here is a short overview of what is already possible today:

  •     Online claim notification
  •     Online change of address for all contracts
  •     Online bank data change for all contracts
  •     BILLguard24, so that you no longer have to search for bills
  •     LIFEguard24, for your important documents, e.g. identity card, health care proxy, will etc.
  •     Depot overview of your investments
  •     Internal messenger for quick communication with your personal expert
  •     To-do tool with instructions for optimizing your contract situation
  •     CLICK and OPTIMIZE, request contract review/optimization with one click
  •     many more tools to follow


Contract eCheck XL:

We check your contracts for price, performance and quality. If you want to know if your contracts fit your personal situation or if you are over- or underinsured, we can check that for you with our contract-eCheck XL. With this eCheck, we also check whether there is a general need for action in your overall financial situation. You will then find the evaluation with the recommendations for action in your to-do list within your GELDPILOT24 account.



We unite the digital world with the personal world. You can manage all your contracts online and, if necessary, always have a personal expert* at your side as a fixed contact person who supports you in all contract matters, e.g. with offers, questions, contract changes or in the event of damage. Your contact person is highly trained and licensed as a finance and insurance broker by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In addition, we have a large network of specialists whose advice we can access at any time.


GELDPILOT24 online consulting:

If you want advice from the financial and insurance sector, you can always take advantage of a free online consultation. Your personal GELDPILOT24 expert will advise you on all topics such as


  •     Investment advice (investment funds, ETFs, ...)
  •     Financing advice (construction financing, installment loans, ...)
  •     Income protection (occupational disability, accident insurance, ...)
  •     Retirement planning (private pension, Rürup pension, ...)
  •     Provision for surviving dependants (risk insurance, nursing care insurance, ...)
  •     Health insurance (private health insurance, dental insurance, ...)
  •     Property and asset insurance (motor vehicle, liability, legal protection, ...)
  •     Company insurance (contents insurance, company liability, ...)
  •     and much more

Frequently asked questions:


What is a finance and insurance broker?

A finance and insurance broker provides objective advice and is not contractually bound to any insurance company, bank or building society, but works exclusively in your interest. He/she supports you in all your contractual matters and advises you independently on all financial and insurance issues. In order for us to be able to work for you, we need your consent. You give us this consent in the form of a brokerage contract and the corresponding brokerage power of attorney at the end of the registration process.


What is the effect of the brokerage agreement with the brokerage power of attorney?

With the brokerage power of attorney, we collect on your behalf, from the companies you have indicated to us in the registration process, all contract information and documents relating to your contracts and make them available to you in your GELDPILOT24 portal. If you want us to obtain offers, change addresses, adjust contracts or conclude contracts on your behalf, you must authorize us to do so in writing by e-mail via your GELDPILOT24 account. This is an additional security for you and also for us.

How does GELDPILOT24 earn money?

As a finance and insurance broker we receive our money from insurance companies, banks or building societies in the form of commissions. The moment you manage your contracts through GELDPILOT24, we are your finance and insurance broker for your contracts and receive a service fee for managing the contracts. There are no additional costs for you, because in almost all contracts, no matter where you have concluded them, whether on the Internet, bank or with a representative, this service fee was included in your premium. Even if you have not received any support in the past. However, we also service contracts for which we do not receive a service fee and do not charge you for this. So this service is completely free of charge for you.

Will my contracts change?

No, your contracts will remain unchanged. Your GELDPILOT24 expert is your contact person for your contracts from this point on. Changes will only be made if you order them from us.


Can I create a GELDPILOT24 company account?

Yes, this is possible. Our platform is suitable for individuals and companies. Enter your company name in the registration process and we will create a GELDPILOT24 company account for you.


How does it work with social projects?

Social commitment is very important to us! We support social projects and associations and would like to involve you in the decision. If you decide to join GELDPILOT24, you can choose one of several associations/projects or make us your own suggestion. If you choose an existing club/project, we will support the club/project with an individual sponsorship. If you submit a proposal for a new club/project, we will offer the club/project a sponsorship contract. There will be no costs for you. You can find more information in the PDF "Information Social Projects".


Why do we address you in the form of a "you"?

In our corporate culture, we have decided to address our employees as "you". We are of the opinion that the necessary respect and seriousness can also be shown to our counterpart in the "Du". In English, there is also no "you" or "you're", but a "you" for both. If you still want us to address you as "you", we will of course do so. Just contact us.


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