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Startup with video clip of current partners


In the past, customers went to the nearest insurance agency, bank or building society with their various financial concerns. A strong change has already emerged in recent years. Tens of thousands of insurance agents already cancelled their licenses, and more and more bank branches are also closing. It is striking that modern finance+insurance brokers are hardly affected by this trend.


Especially companies like GELDPILOT24, which consistently use and further develop digital customer solutions, benefit from the current development. The Corona pandemic in particular has greatly accelerated this trend. Today, customers could conclude their contracts online without an agency at a large number of startups, but also classic insurance companies. However, they increasingly prefer the GELDPILOT24 solution: all existing contracts, regardless of which companies, in the insurance sector, financing and fund deposits as an overall concept in a personal GELDPILOT24 account. There, customers can see from a digital traffic light system which existing contracts are optimal, which are not and which contracts are missing from the overall concept. With a single click in the account, the optimization of individual contracts or the overall situation can be started.


Right from the start, there were requests from customers for personal contact persons who do not constantly change, e.g. when advice is needed, in cases of damage or when the customer situation changes. That's why we decided on a dual support concept consisting of a number of location-independent eStores and store partners in Germany and soon also in Austria. For concept consultations and other consulting needs, video appointments with the personal store partner are often used in addition to our own GELDPILOT24 messenger.


If the concept is good for customers, how is it for GELDPILOT24 partners?
For this purpose, we conducted video interviews at our last Europe-Week.


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