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Why start as a banker at GELDPILOT24?

Career opportunity in a startup


In the past, banks lived from the fact that they earned an interest margin in the loan and savings deposit business. In the now long-lasting, historically low interest rate phase, this no longer works, or only with much lower margins. Further pressure is coming from the digitization of the industry and from fintechs.


 As a result, banks, savings banks and credit unions are forced to close branches and/or to part with well-suited employees. Bankers are well trained. They can act in the interest of customers, because they are trained to understand and analyze the financial situation.These qualities can be excellently applied at GELDPILOT24. Our experts like Felix Schnella, himself a former banker and fund manager, are of the firm conviction and live a successful change to GELDPILOT24.


 It is also a great opportunity for bank employees, because after switching to GELDPILOT24, they can no longer only mediate for individual companies, but they can do exactly what is most important to them. They can use the most modern and revolutionary tools to understand and analyze the situation of customers and then find the best possible solution for their customer with an open platform.

If you are a bank employee* or want to recommend someone who is suitable, request more information, recommend us or apply now. (<-click here)

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