In November 2018 GELDPILOT24 won the renowned MUT 2018. MUT stands for Mediumsized Entrepreneur Day Germany. The profit brings GELDPILOT24 rather to the USA with the won USA soft landing package of Mergin Minds and GECKO2. 

The idea for GELDPILOT24-SIMPLIFY-your-Finances was born in Silicon Valley. There in the USA, Europe and Asia we noticed that there is a huge demand for an AllinONE platform. Instead of many apps, comparators or representatives only one account. We already manage tens of thousands of insurance contracts, custody accounts and loans. We go the dual way and support our customers digitally and in the GELDPILOT24 stores. We support each partner exclusively with eStores.

For customers it is the end of the paper mountains. Support is paperless and real-time. You become a customer for two minutes. Damage reports can be made in real time via the account. The idea of the GELDPILOT24 platform covers all insurances as well as credits and investment funds. Customers have their contracts and daily documents in the personal GELDPILOT24-eStore 24/7 worldwide available.  In the digital emergency file one finds precautionary decrees or other important emergency documents.  The scalability of our platform is almost unlimited. Our self-developed, revolutionary eBoarding tool can be used immediately anywhere in the world after regulatory adjustments. We are currently exploring partners for Europe, the USA and China.


Strategic partners for growth, media and the IPO can contact us here.