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Fully digital or personal service


A few years ago it was only reserved for international management levels, today it is the daily routine of video appointments. You meet with our customers, partners and experts via HD video. All without extensive travel for customers or partners. We hold our internal GELDPILOT24 meetings weekly via video. Thus we reach all partners at the different locations in the Federal Republic of Germany. Starting in 2019, we will regularly conduct exclusive specialist information meetings, talks with fund managers, credit specialists and pension experts for customers and interested parties via video. The inclined customer can get exclusive impulses on his couch without any effort.


What do you have to do to become a GELDPILOT24 customer? You go to the eBoarding tool of one of our stores and "board" yourself. Three minutes of effort. Paperless and in real time you've done it. We do the rest.  If you are a customer and the companies have supplied us, from then on you can access all your contracts, no matter which insurance, which financing bank or fund bank. New available technologies are constantly being added to the GELDPILOT24 platform. In the service you have access to your chosen GELDPILOT24-Store. Paperless damage reports with the Smartphone in real time are natural. In our stores and in case of important need, e.g. in larger damage cases, we come to you on request. For larger needs, such as applying for a BU pension, we cooperate with our highly specialized team of lawyers for you.

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