GELDPILOT24 in conversation with EBASE

Exclusive interview with EBASE spokesman Rudolf Geyer

Never before in the history of Europe and the Federal Republic of Germany have good investment experts been in greater demand than now. The reasons for this are simple and compelling: adjusted for inflation, European savings deposits earn minus interest! The real assets are melting away. GeldPilot24 is receiving more and more requests from existing and new customers for a modern fund account.  

For decades now there have been profitable alternatives to savings books or fixed-term deposit accounts. Good...

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Important financial news at the start of the year

Opportunities and changes in 2020

If you are reading these lines, congratulations, you have made it and arrived well this year with an extra day. Some also speak again of the new golden twenties full of opportunities, if you know where to find them. We have put together a small selection of important tips for the year 2020.

  Good news for company pensioners Company pensioners have to pay fewer contributions to the statutory health insurance scheme. Only from a pension level of 159.25 euros per month do health insurance contributions...

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GELDPILOT24 meets Allianz-Leben board member Dr. Wiesemann

Why the ALLIANZ is so often number one

We did it again. Our CSO Torsten Günther met with the member of the Management Board Dr. Thomas Wiesemann from ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung. In order to obtain the best possible information for our GELDPILOT24 partners and customers, we often meet with key managers of the companies.   

In our experience, ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung is one of the future insurers, both in terms of its figures and ratings and its efforts to make digital progress.  It is one of the companies with which we cooperate in a...

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Live interview for Leipzig eSports

Exciting news about sponsoring eSports

Leipzig eSports is one of the largest eSports clubs in Germany. Not only we find eSport megacool, but also our many young customers. Leipzig eSports sees itself as a promoter of popular sports and we support this within the scope of a sponsoring between GELDPILOT24 and Leipzig eSports.

  The club now hosted the 8th Community Cup, to which players also travelled from far away. Our CSO Torsten was invited by eSports for a live interview in the stream. How does GELDPILOT24 work? What are the advantages for...

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Robby Clemens explains the world

How good can GELDPILOT24 insurance?

With the worldwide known WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens we have started a new project. Robby explains in small fresh video clips how he sees the world of finance+insurance things.  

As part of a cool, big TV project, Robby was now back in Mexico. Robby Clemens is also an enthusiastic GELDPILOT24 user and needed insurance cover for the good feeling on his travels almost a few hours before departure.  

If you have a personal, fully digital GELDPILOT24 then this is no problem. Info in your GELDPILOT24 messenger...

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Fund Manager Klaus Kaldemorgen in conversation with GELDPILOT24

Können Robos und ETFs erfolgreiche Fondsmanager ersetzen?

In order to get an exclusive interview with the fund manager of the last decades, you have to have patience, success and expertise. GELDPILOT24 has made it; Torsten Günther, our CSO, now had Klaus Kaldemorgen from DWS in conversation.

  GELDPILOT24 customers do not only manage their insurances digitally and with the respective Storepartner. A unique selling point is that our customers can view their fund portfolios on a daily basis in addition to their loans and insurances. In the GELDPILOT24 basic...

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Why VISION-Makler are so successful with GELDPILOT24

Martin Röder on the advantages for his customers and partners

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and a large network of successful regional store partners. This is one of the founding ideas of GELDPILOT24. Here GELDPILOT24 sees itself as an indirect service provider for customers and direct partner for the Finance and Insurancebroker cooperating with GELDPILOT24. The highest goal is to bring benefits for the store partners and thus also for the customers.


The demand for cooperation with us is already rising strongly in the beta phase. We met with Martin Röder...

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GELDPILOT24 will be more active on Youtube in the future

Weekly new contributions in the GELDPILOT24-Channel

In the German-speaking GELDPILOT24-Youtube channel we were already enthusiastic about the requests of curious users. We are now expanding this further due to rising demand. From November 2019, our growth will also be accompanied by weekly tutorials, interviews and tips via

  In the past, we have interviewed managers of major insurance companies, banks and investment companies. The interviews with WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens were also very popular. Likewise with our specialized...

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GELDPILOT24 and Vision-Makler start in Vogtland

Vision broker with CEO Martin Röder takes off digitally

Now it's official. Together with Vision-Makler, led by top insurance broker and founder Martin Roeder, GELDPILOT24 now also starts in Vogtland.

  After Bavaria, Hessen, Baden Württemberg, Berlin, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Upper Lusatia, Passau, Bavarian Forest, Plattling, Leipzig, Halle, Dresden, Donaueschingen, Munich..... Vision-Makler has brought the startup GELDPILOT24 to the Vogtland.

  Vision-Makler approached GELDPILOT24 at the beginning of September and since the beginning of...

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The biggest mistakes in finance + insurance

When insurance companies are viewed critically, you also hear "they don't pay". Our experience, when well advised and looked after, is almost always different. A lack of protection endangers your economic existence. Existential risks such as liability insurance, occupational disability, accident, death, nursing care, health insurance and personal pension are compulsory areas.

  Benefit disputes with the insurance company often involve considerable sums. From several thousand euros damage an insurance...

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Top athlete Steffen Sparborth at GELDPILOT24

GELDPILOT24 at the start in Berlin and Eilenburg

During our GELDPILOT24-ThinkTank in Italy Thomas met for you with the ex-sports professional Steffen Sparborth. Steffen is the Head of Region Berlin-Mitte and also CDO for the region around the future Store Eilenburg.    

Questions Thomas asked Steffen: What drives you? How did the change from top athlete to Finanz+Versicherungsmakler come about? How do you deal with crises? A worthwhile interview in every respect.   

In addition to his successful career in boxing, Steffen Sparborth was also a sales...

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GELDPILOT24 plus Lawyers Bastanier & Schmelzer

Network partners in the legal sector for customers and store partners

In the everyday life of our customers and partners there are not only financial+insurance concepts but also always the need for legal support. GELDPILOT24 cooperates very, very successfully with the law firm Bastanier & Schmelzer for the benefit of our customers and partners. 

  We almost always recommend our clients to be accompanied by Bastanier & Schmelzer in cases of occupational disability. It is not uncommon for benefits to run into the millions and beyond. Or even if insurance payments don't work...

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GELDPILOT24 can be used digitally and personally


Branches should become obsolete in the future, according to some startups, they are not sexy enough. Many things will become digital. We believe that with simple standardized things such as transfer, pay-in and pay-out, this is a thesis where we go along. 

  But when it comes to demand situations at Finanzen+Versicherungen the dual mix of digital and GELDPILOT24-Store is the right way.  Apple stores are today not to be excluded any more, although Apple could digitize away the coworkers of the stores...

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What finance + insurance customers really want

Lemonade, WEFOX, GELDPILOT24, ONE, GETSAFE, Clark or what?

In March 2016, we sat for the first time in San Mateo, Silicon Valley, for talks in the United States. Not far from the headquarters of one of the world's largest fund managers, Franklin Templeton. Our very tech-heavy contacts there surprisingly explained to us that online access to your insurance is not enough for you, but that a personally reachable, non-changing contact person is just as important. In the event of damage, not everything would always be so easy in the USA, and it would quickly become a...

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Really well insured?

Comparison portals, vending machines or GELDPILOT24

With our GELDPILOT24 mission we are for lean, modern and customer-friendly applications. We also often find that customers believe that fast clicks on apps and insurance comparators go hand in hand with optimal concepts.  

An example from Tilo, our head specialist for motor vehicle insurance: Driver protection is also the basic feature of every motor vehicle insurance policy. If a driver has an accident and passengers are injured, there is lifelong compensation or high one-off payments for very serious...

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Occupational disability insurance increasingly important

Applicants almost always state pre-existing conditions

The protection of the case of occupational disability belongs to the necessary standard with GELDPILOT24. The state only secures you in case of total disability.  What live on if e.g. back, psyche, skin, respiration do not take part any more and you cannot exercise your occupation any longer. If it comes particularly stupidly, it hits you already decades before the pension. The sum of all your BU pension payments together can go then already times into the million range. That's why insurers check...

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GELDPILOT24 supports HAUS LEBEN project

Robby Clemens, clubs, partner and world champion Annekatrin Thiele

We want to give back a part of the success of GELDPILOT24 and support associations and projects that inspire us. Customers of our respective digital eStores decide with one click which club and which project should be sponsored. We have created GELDPILOT24 technologies that enable our store partners to save up to 90% time and effort in many areas. Our easy-to-use technologies are already inspiring many thousands of new customers in their everyday lives.

  To the GELDPILOT24-Startup-Night of the clubs,...

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03.05.2019 Startup-Night

Clubs, Stars and Business at BASISLAGER-Leipzig

Leipzig the better Berlin? In the past, quotes about Leipzig from Europe to the USA were heard like this or similarly. GELDPILOT24 loves Berlin and Leipzig. As the headquarters for GELDPILOT24, we have chosen Leipzig as the city of many superlatives, in contrast to thousands of Fin+Insuretechs. So it is obvious that we will perform our Startup-Night in Leipzig on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019. Due to the massive savings in time and effort in our daily work, we have an attractive business...

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GELDPILOT24 and Leipzig-eSports start partnership

Sponsoring with commitment of GELDPILOT24

Now it's time. The GELDPILOT24-Store base camp and Leipzig-eSports start the partnership. Before the start there were meetings between Patrick Dreißig, CEO, and GELDPILOT24. We also presented our startup in a board meeting.

  Our decision: We support Leipzig-eSports with our own Store. Who simplifies, digitizes or starts under the left its finances+insurances thereby also the association supports. GELDPILOT24 measures the success and thus...

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Get 500 € for Easter?

Advantages for GELDPILOT24 customers not only at Easter

Before Easter, we had a look at the new customer campaigns of banks and insurance companies. AMAZON vouchers, raffles or currently again from banks up to 100 € starting credit. Sometimes we are surprised that there are still no folding chairs or drilling machines as with newspaper subscriptions.   

There the advertised Finance + Insurance customer loses already times the substantial from the eyes. Which costs come to him. Often there are fees like expenditure surcharges with open funds plus the fund fees...

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GELDPILOT24 at the BASISLAGER in Leipzig

Leipzig the fastest growing city in Germany

We have met with all the makers of the BASISLAGER Leipzig. Behind the BASISLAGER is the initiator, the Madsack media group among other owners of the Leipziger Volkszeitung-LVZ, Hannoverscher Allgemeine, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten and many other daily newspapers and media in Germany.

  From our point of view, the BASISLAGER Leipzig is by no means just a CoWorkingSpace. Besides HHL's Spinlab, it is the heart of Leipzig for startups. With the help of Marco Weicholdt's team, we can start our founding...

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Correct finance or insurance company

Why large societies are sometimes better

Customers often decide to have their financial+insurance contracts checked when accidents or illnesses occur in the vicinity of friends or acquaintances. These customers have then already experienced in the environment and sometimes also in the closer family circle how incompletely national in addition, private insurances can be.  

With GELDPILOT24 these customers request a check of their total situation. We examine the past contracts or determine missing insurance protection on the basis the existing...

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Insuring correctly at the start of your career

Insurance as an underestimated must for starting a career

School's over. You can calculate quasi flight curves to Mars but have no plan to finance+insurance. Your need for action on legally prescribed and necessary insurances + financial matters is very great. First of all you have to make the most important decision. How do you want to manage your finances + insurances?  You have to decide smart if you want to become a customer of a tied representative of an insurance company or if you have a Finanz+Versicherungsmakler who is legally regulated on your side and...

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Conception plus conditions for GELDPILOT24 customers

Why Falk Store became a partner of GELDPILOT24

You can see why Falk has changed professionally in an interview with Thomas Jahn, our Head of Insurance. After extensive discussions and research, Falk decided to qualify as a Finanz+Versicherungsmakler and become a partner of GELDPILOT24. He has been store manager of GELDPILOT24 since 2018. Prior to that, he was for 12 long years a tied sales representative of a sales organisation that mediates for a single insurance company.   What distinguishes Falk is the pursuit of benefits for its customers. Our...

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Works - no matter where you are

GELDPILOT24 works everywhere

For our customers GELDPILOT24 is more than just a startup with a cool technology. To have a personal contact person in one of our stores if required is also an argument for our many young customers. While most Europeans and US citizens still organize their paper mountains, GELDPILOT24 enjoy the luxury that their current financial+insurance situation is never further away than their smartphone.    And no matter where GELDPILOT24 customers are, it works everywhere. No matter if Caribbean, USA, Asia, all...

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Properly insured or how to avoid mistakes

Why, why, why? GELDPILOT24 answers

The German spends more than two thousand euros a year on insurance. In many European countries, even more is spent on pensions alone. We at GELDPILOT24 see a good overall concept for insurance cover similar to a good football position. If in your concept your players all only play in the defense it will be just as difficult to win the game as if you only put your players in the storm.

  To insure correctly means to recognize the important need first and to know the most important insurances depending on...

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Children are liable for their parents

Why, why, why? GELDPILOT24 answers you

Family is defined as a group of people living together. In Germany at least two decades of living together are normal. At some point your parents get older or sick and the children take on the role of the person in charge. Who wants to be a burden to their children? Who doesn't care at what age wants to apply for social assistance for nursing care?  This does not only apply to the age but can be due to illness or accident already decades before. Here you will find out at the latest that you will be held...

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The best for your money 2019

GELDPILOT24 meets DWS Fund Manager Henning Potstada

"The best for your money in 2019" is the headline of the magazine CAPITAL, which is being launched in 2019. We have made it a little more concrete and met with Henning Potstada, one of the best fund managers in Germany. Together with Klaus Kaldemorgen and Christoph-Arend Schmidt, he is responsible for around ten billion euros.   What does 2019 bring? How best to act? Why his funds? GELDPILOT24 is pleased that for the first time fund star and journalist Sven Stoll, known from his articles for DAS...

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HC Leipzig and GELDPILOT24 start partnership

GELDPILOT24-Store-Leipzig-Markkleeberg presents Matchday

"GELDPILOT24 has a mad concept for the simplification and improvement of your financial and insurance contracts and at the same time to the promotions of our HC Leipzig at the same time for the simplification and improvement of your financial and insurance contracts thus presents the HC Leipzig the first play day with the partner GELDPILOT24.  Tomorrow 16:00 it is so far with the Leipziger home play. Exclusive partner for the HCL is the GELDPILOT24-Store-Leipzig-Markkleeberg. Marcus Jungnickel, co-founder...

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WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens besucht GELDPILOT24

Von der Antarktis zum ersten Interview nach Leipzig

WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens visits GELDPILOT24 From Antarctica to the first interview in Leipzig 01.02.2019 Worldrunner Robby Clemens walked 23,000 km from the North Pole to the South Pole on foot. During this time he experienced many, many adventures and used GELDPILOT24 enthusiastically in many countries. Here now our first personal interview in the Leipzig Basislager.


Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 have a lot in mind together. Together they decided to produce GELDPILOT24-Nordpol/Südpole-Cap used by...

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How to meet WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens

Robby Clemens at the GELD 2019 in Leipzig

After 23.000 kilometres the extreme sportsman, GELDPILOT24 chief tester, WORLDRUNNER, North Pole/South Pole runner, "the German Forrest Gump" Robby Clemens successfully returned to Leipzig. Like many of our customers, Robby first became an online customer and now GELDPILOT24 has met him for the first time. And what should we say. What a guy. Authentic, likeable and full of countless adventures. 


If you are interested we invite you to meet Robby Clemens live 19:00 on May 15th, 2019 in Leipzig. What do...

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What changes now in 2019

Tax allowances, insurances, money bills, taxes, levies....

In 2019, the legislator passed new values or laws for health insurance, taxes, levies and allowances. Our NEWS team has summarized some of these. If you have any questions or need further information, simply contact your GELDPILOT24 store.


Child benefit and allowances

From July 2019, each child will receive ten euros more child benefit per month. For the first and second child 204 euros, for the third 210 euros and each additional 235 euros. The tax-free child allowance will increase by 192 euros on 1...

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2019 Year of opportunities and risks for customers

GELDPILOT24 with successful eStore concept

Last week we received the feedback of a new GELDPILOT24 customer "how easy and fast it is to become a digital customer with you". There is a lot of movement in the possibilities for customers. Many new insurance companies are emerging, more and more startups with quickly clickable ideas. At present more than a dozen new insurance companies are to be announced for permission. Even more insurance companies and banks, more investment start-ups with robo ideas. This brings opportunities for customers, but...

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You think you're insured?

Mistakes endanger your existence

A partner from the GELDPILOT24 team is often on the road with his car in Austria and Italy. His new car should be well insured. Our colleague insisted that a number of car insurances were out of the question. We were curious and asked why.


Some important German motor vehicle insurances exclude in their small print conditions insurance protection against earthquakes and mudslides, volcanoes. Large internet comparators often do not offer digital driver protection. Are you sure that mudslides like in the...

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Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 in Antarctica

23,000 kilometers from the North Pole to the "South Pole" on foot

Twenty long months from Leipzig to the North Pole and then on foot to Antarctica. Congratulations to Robby Clemens. Leipzig, city of records. Not only the most newly built Porsche come from Leipzig, a nationwide financial startup, but also Robby Clemens who ran together with GELDPILOT24 from North Pole to South Pole.


On his tour Robby tested the use of his GELDPILOT24 account again and again as an enthusiastic user, sportsman and record runner. By the way, Robby first became a GELDPILOT24 user on his...

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Digital, real-time, paperless - GELDPILOT24

Fully digital or personal service

A few years ago it was only reserved for international management levels, today it is the daily routine of video appointments. You meet with our customers, partners and experts via HD video. All without extensive travel for customers or partners. We hold our internal GELDPILOT24 meetings weekly via video. Thus we reach all partners at the different locations in the Federal Republic of Germany. Starting in 2019, we will regularly conduct exclusive specialist information meetings, talks with fund managers,...

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Your GELDPILOT24 account plus store

Banks, insurance companies, investment funds

One of our stores is the GELDPILOT24 store at Leipzig-Halle Airport.  Appointments with journalists, experts, applicants, marketing specialists and of course customers. Why GELDPILOT24-Stores e.g. in an airport, in shopping centres? Why where the people are?  In addition to many thousands of customers who feel very comfortable in the stores, we are there to be where the people are. 


So it happens again and again that prospective customers and applicants ask the stores directly. New customers love that...

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We are the winners of the MUT-Contest 2018

Welcome GELDPILOT24 to Miami

Shortly before twelve o'clock the decision of the tough jury was made. GELDPILOT24 wins the MUT-Contest 2018. Thanks to Marcus and Torsten who took over the pitch and answered the questions of the jurors. On the stage of HHL-Spinlab and BASISLAGER of the Madsack Group they could convince for GELDPILOT24. With the help of Robby Clemens, who from his North Pole/South Pole expedition from Peru very briefly described his experiences as an enthusiastic user of GELDPILOT24.


What does this mean for...

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Insurance agent or Finanz+Versicherungsmakler

GELDPILOT24-CoFounder Marcus Jungnickel about the differences

There are huge differences in the capabilities of financial+insurance brokers and agents. Although the term "exclusive agent", "insurance agent" or "tied agent" already includes the restriction as an explanatory term.  We value representatives. Some of our founders were previously professional representatives.  We met with Marcus Jungnickel for an interview. Marcus is co-founder of GELDPILOT24, store manager and last but not least very successful. Previously Marcus was extremely successful in a...

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Click and GELDPILOT24 supports your project

Amazon Smile or GELDPILOT24#MakeaBetterWorld

The GELDPILOT24-founder unites also that we are socially engaged for associations. Thus our customers can push their own project in their region and GELDPILOT24 can sponsor the project financially. That can be a child+youth sport association, an animal home, a social aid project....... Our customers decide and have themselves no financial expenditure for it. When starting a customer to the GELDPILOT24 platform, the so-called eBoarding, the customer selects his regional project with one click. If he does...

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Thomas Jahn - biometric risk protection

Thomas has been a professional in the industry for over 12 years. He supports the backend area in the store Markkleeberg and can also be found in the Airport-Store-Leipzig or in his native Thuringia. Thomas has all licenses and qualifications in the area of §34d-1, §34 f-1, §34c and the new §34i. In research, his specialties are biometric coverage such as dread disease, occupational disability, long-term care insurance, death coverage and longevity risk.  The customers and partners of our platform...

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GELDPILOT24 active at Pink-Shoe-Day

HAUS LEBEN and the store Markkleeberg together in action

Since some weeks the GELDPILOT24-Store Markkleeberg is an active sponsor of HAUS LEBEN Leipzig/Eilenburg. We had already reported here. Now we participated for the first time in the most famous campaign of Haus Leben, the Pink Shoe Day. 75,000 breast cancer cases in Germany with increasing tendency. The Pink Shoe Day wants to draw attention to it. Both support those affected and improve prevention. Marcus Jungnickel, store manager and one of the founders of GELDPILOT24 has started a campaign that directly...

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HAUS LEBEN starts project with GELDPILOT24

Support the end of your paper mountains plus your club/project

All your finances+insurances of all companies in one digital account? The end of the mountains of paper and still personal contact persons in your store if necessary? Works everywhere, worldwide 24/7, among others tested by Worldrunner Robby Clemens. In addition we support your club or your project in the context of a sponsoring.


Through entrepreneur Volker Große from HAUS LEBEN our co-founder Marcus Jungnickel from the GELDPILOT24-Store in Markkleeberg became aware of the association HAUS LEBEN. This...

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Our GELDPILOT24 stores

Our GELDPILOT24 stores

Before founding our GELDPILOT24 platform, we asked consumers worldwide how they envisaged a new type of financial+insurance platform. In both the USA and Europe, young and old alike, respondents want a personal contact person with a large number of companies. Video, online, eChat or phone are absolutely accepted. No more paperwork on damage reports. Applications and signatures can all be done online from mobile phone, laptop, tablet. Nevertheless, most people want a personal contact person. We believe...

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Solution found - end of paper mountains

Number of tied agents dramatically

There are more and more individual solution providers in the financial sector. New digital insurance, new digital banks and robo startups for investment.  Does the customer really want everything individually? For customers it is becoming more and more confusing. This often involves existential decisions in the areas of insurance and old-age provision. Whether the quickly clicked insurance cover is really what you need is often only known decades later. Later it is almost impossible to correct errors from...

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Modern customers want digital and personal

86 percent of Generation Y would also like a personal contact person

Do you know the situation?  Digitisation is praised as a major step forward for consumers. Some believe lawyers, tax consultants, financial+insurance experts and most doctors will no longer be needed in the future. However, clicking Financial+Insurance services incorrectly could destroy your existence. The customer must realize that he needs a partner with a maximum number of companies. What is the German reality? Most customers are still served by single company agents. Representatives have few...

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GELDPILOT24 sponsors your club

Support your club and simplify your finances at the same time

Financial distributors, insurance companies, corporations give billions of euros annually to professional athletes, professional clubs and prominent personalities from show and sport. As a result, few VIP clubs, athletes and superstars receive the majority of the Group's sponsoring budgets. At the same time, however, many children and youth associations are fighting for every euro. GELDPILOT24 wants to be fair as an important part of our concept. We don't want to spend money on pompous big events or...

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The five biggest mistakes in occupational disability insurance

Avoid errors when closing

It is one of the most important covers and an absolute must, occupational disability insurance. We asked our experts from GELDPILOT24-Research what are the most mistakes at the conclusion:

1. To postpone the conclusion to "Later". Later means expensive, much more expensive due to the increasing age of entry. Later, the risk of not getting a contract. Or to pay high surcharges. Or just incomplete insurance cover. Main reason: Health issues of up to 10 years back.

2. Only to pay the price. More important...

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To the financial+insurance broker or insurance agent?

Far too few financial+insurance brokers in Germany

Are there too many insurance brokers in Germany?  The opposite is the case. Professor Dr. Beenken published a study "How many intermediaries actually exist (in Germany)". According to this, there are only 25,000 insurance brokers for 83 million inhabitants in Germany. To this day, it surprises us in discussions with managers and politicians that only a few know about these figures. There are no 250,000 full-time agents in Germany.  More than 70% of all German brokers are not financial+insurance brokers...

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Our team is there for you

Service for you - online and in person, 24/7

Our nationwide team partners are specialists in their respective fields. Among each other, they are constantly exchanging which insurance, which fund, which bank currently offers good solutions for our clients or not.


According to a worldwide study, so-called premium customers usually choose a personal contact as their financial + insurance advisor.  In our opinion, this includes a personal GELDPILOT24 account where you as a customer can view your current Finanz+ insurance documents at any time and on...

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Never bet on individual companies

How to avoid the "cluster risk

You are a full customer of an individual insurance or investment company and it runs modest for you. Your insurance company will inform you that your contracts will no longer be managed by your long-standing agency. But in the future from the foreign specialist. If you have any questions, please contact their call center.


What should you do better as a customer in the future? Never put all eggs in one basket. Find contact persons, consultants who have full market access. Means hundreds of insurance...

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GELDPILOT24 works everywhere

Being independent of insurance

Robby Clemens is testing the practical application of GELDPILOT24 on his North Pole South Pole Tour internationally. It's really easy, too, specify where you are a customer.  

Personal data + order free of charge support your GELDPILOT24 account will be created for you Afterwards you are independent of insurance or investment companies. Several hundred banks, many thousands of funds and many hundreds of insurance companies. Daily access to all documents bundled for you in your personal GELDPILOT24...

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The end of your mountains of paper

Your finances + insurances digitized free of charge

It's time again. Do you need the current status of all your financial+insurance contracts? Then it's time for you to call the insurance company's call centre or their representative, the bank for deposit or financing. Some answer you by mail or mail. Or you can search your own mail mountains.  Summarized, just annoying.


But it can also be very easy for you. You have set up your GELDPILOT24 account at one of our stores online or in person. The end of your mountains of paper is near. Your entire...

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GELDPILOT24 customer now

Open a free account online with your store partner

You want a fully digital overview of your financial and insurance situation? Including all documents such as insurance mail, invoices and others. No matter what company. You finish your paper mountains and have full digital access after a short time. An example, your car insurance from e.g. the VHV or ALLIANZ writes you an invoice, an increase or something else. You will then have these documents online in your personal GELDPILOT24 account. In addition, your broker checks the contents of these letters in...

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Your GELDPILOT24-LifeGuard

The end of your mountains of paper

Unexpectedly comes often. Situations in life you can do without. Accidents, illness, occupational disability, property damage and much more. You helped with the move, really damaged something. Or run the water at the hotel. The grill is too optimistically fired. Or the interest commitment of your housing financing expires and the new interest rates are much too high.


As a GELDPILOT24 customer, no problem at first, because our LIFEGUARD program will always be at your side. We will then try to support...

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Fast, simple and uncomplicated

This is how the powerful Allianz boss Bäte sees the future

Whether chatbots, computer-controlled language assistants alá Siri or Alexa or a modular system in which you choose individual services. Easy and convenient to complete. Take out liability or household contents insurance quickly or change your car insurance - everything is easy, you might think. This is what ALLIANZ boss Oliver Bäte wants to implement in his group in the future.  What happens in the event of damage? Here the "trap" often begins with the claim. An unfortunate formulation of the procedure,...

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GELDPILOT24 platform passes international test

Worldrunner Robby Clemens about his experiences

We were looking for someone to test our customer platform internationally. Who uses GELDPILOT24 under the most difficult conditions. We found him with Worldrunner Robby Clemens. We also won him as a partner of GELDPILOT24 to spread our idea "SIMPLIFY-your-Finances" all over the world.


That Robby Clemens is so enthusiastic is also due to the fact that he has insight into his GELDPILOT24 account from "everywhere". More and more customers in Germany are using this to end the paperwork of their financial...

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Is your insurance affected too?

What does outsourcing your life insurance mean?

We recommend to act. To check exactly which of your contracts is affected or may be in the future. Several million contracts are affected. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Generali Lebensversicherung Deutschland will send over 4 million policies to the runoff. According to SZ, an English RunOff platform. Such platforms also have an appropriate name in England: ZOMBIE-Insurance.  This is often due to the fact that the companies manage higher-interest portfolios. These guarantees to customers weigh on...

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Sponsoring for your club

GELDPILOT24 supports your regional project/association

In the last weeks several clubs have signed a sponsoring contract with GELDPILOT24 stores. Both from Children+Youth Sports and from the area of "Social Projects". All projects are known to us or have been recommended by customers at the respective GELDPILOT24 store. In this way, a client modernises its financial+insurance situation and does something good at regional level without incurring additional costs of its own. The effort for the customer is just a click on his club or suggest us his personal...

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Mr. Spex boss:"Digital+local service" is the future

Why customers don't want "just" digital?



Mister Spex boss Mirko Caspar sees the future in a combination of digital and local service. Meanwhile, the leading e-shop for eyeglasses has even opened its own Mister-Spex-Store in Berlin.


We simply questioned customers. The result, modern financial+insurance customers want a mix of digital platform and personal, non-changing contact.  The top priority here is to make it easy for you to have access to your contracts at any time and easily, regardless of the line of business, so that your...

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Are you still comparing or are you alive?

Fewer and fewer single-company insurance agents

"Up to 50% contribution savings..."  Cover for occupational disability, care, death, motor vehicles, accidents, etc., there are huge price and performance differences. With an additional contribution of 1,000 € per year, this means up to tens of thousands of euros in additional costs over the years, sometimes even for poorer performance.  


The majority of financial+insurance intermediaries in Germany are still single-company representatives, mostly controlled directly or indirectly by insurance...

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Many young customers at GELDPILOT24

Young generation wants to be independent, digital and personal

One of our GELDPILOT24 stores is located in the middle of the central terminal of Leipzig Airport. Between the approximately 15 travel agencies we can observe a phenomenon there, which should no longer exist. Many young, well-educated customers who seek personal advice from travel agencies instead of concluding their contracts online.


From our point of view, a good travel agency offers a modern mix between digital and offline. Only ten years ago it was assumed that there would soon be no more personal...

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What does customer support at GELDPILOT24 mean?

Customers want solutions and not nice call centers


What applies to good tax advisors, doctors, notaries, lawyers, that also applies to your Finanz+Versicherungsmakler of GELDPILOT24. not always he is personally attainable, because times he has appointments, qualifies himself further or charges his batteries for you on vacation with his family. 


We have created a model for you that allows you to quickly solve things that you used to have to laboriously ask about. As a GELDPILOT24 customer, you can view, download and print all your contracts, policies,...

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Digital or call center is no longer sufficient for customers

Anonymous financial and insurance support can be dangerous for you


One of our colleagues had a very special experience with two larger banks. In the past this colleague had told us again and again about "great online banking" with a bank.  He was out shopping and needed a larger daily limit on his accounts. One bank had for him as a good business client an unavailable client advisor, whose deputy was also not available, and otherwise a call center that, apart from "we pass on", could do nothing. The employees in the branch, whom he visited especially, were also sorry....

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Robby Clemens exclusively at GELDPILOT24 in the Livestream

News from Robby Clemens from Quito/Ecuador


We accompany Robby Clemens on foot on his expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole, according to US media of the German "Forrest Gump". Robby is currently located in the world's highest capital, Quito, almost 3,000 meters above sea level.


Robby is testing our platform GELDPILOT24 for us on his tour under the most adverse circumstances. If all goes well, we wish Robby very much, it will go to the South Pole in December 2018. After the expedition we will continue to accompany Robby Clemens. A...

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Damages to be transferred in "real time

Digitisation: Opportunities and risks for clients and consultants


A more valuable object of yours e.g. bicycle, fur coat, laptop, smartphone has been lost, stolen or destroyed. Your insurance pays you the damage three minutes after the damage report? According to ECONOMIST, this is the yardstick for the future for a customer of the digital US insurance company LEMONADE, at least for minor losses.


In Germany, too, a startup is currently approved as an insurance company almost every month. They are more cautious than US statements and talk about 50 to 60% faster,...

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With GELDPILOT24 all over the world, always uptodate

No matter where you are, your finance+insurance SIMPLY is there


You want to be different from the others? Classic insurance agency or bank is not your thing?     Then we have the optimal solution for you. No matter if you are sitting on a sunny beach or on business somewhere in Germany or around the world. Your finances+insurances, outside of payment, are always with you.


That'll do if you have your cell phone on the beach. From there you can immediately take daily updated in a relaxed atmosphere, insight into your overall finances, provision, funds, credits, all...

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Why good insurance cover is very important

Like a "black swan" - event suddenly threatens your existence



First a thank you to Austria to the volunteer fire brigade Golling that we can use their pictures here. All the best for all those involved in the accident.


One of our store managers was on his way through Austria on the Tauern Autobahn when a very serious traffic accident suddenly occurred a few hundred meters ahead of him. Free-ranging horses in the middle of the night on the highway. Our GELDPILOT24 colleague, himself on the road with a caravan and children, was lucky in misfortune, half a...

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Term life insurance, strongly underestimated but a must

Why term life insurance is often wrong or does not exist at all


Many members Or our customer calls and tells us that he has a very bad prognosis because of an illness and what we can do to increase his death cover.


Why take out your term life insurance with an insurance broker? Often industry experts such as specialist lawyers come to us as clients because they are aware of our possibilities, e.g. anonymous preliminary inquiries, the selection of suppliers and also knowledge of current special offers.


The majority of German households have no or far too little...

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Expert teams throughout Germany

GELDPILOT24 with professionals at the start

Oberlausitz, Bavaria, Lüneburger Heide, Bautzen, Görlitz, Rostock, Bremen these are the regions of our top experts Petra, Elke, Bernd and Silvio. The four belong to the few Finanz+Versicherungsmaklern in Germany, which have all substantial, official permissions and training (§34-d, §34-c, §34-f, §34i). And in doing so, we are legally only on the customer's side. The start, the eBoarding by the customer himself is fully digital. Customers who already use their GELDPILOT24 accounts are enthusiastic....

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More and more customers switch to GELDPILOT24

What customers want and what not


"And we can also have a personal conversation if required?"


We hear this question over and over again when customers switch to us. Unconsciously it is clear to them that it is a difference if you have quickly ordered a TV wrong from AMAZON or made a wrong financial+insurance decision. More and more insurances, investments and financings are clicked fast today. Many of these decisions often take decades to show whether the decision was right. An uninsured nursing case in old age costs up to several...

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"Run your dream Caps" from GELDPILOT24

Expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole with GELDPILOT24


Yesterday we were able to hand over the first two GELDPILOT24 caps of the "North Pole South Pole" edition for testing purposes. Recipients were the sons of one of our founders. They were more than enthusiastic and so were we. Since it was still about the test caps regarding embroidery and cap selection, it was very difficult to get the caps back, because the kids had already totally appropriated them.


The caps are something special. The ideas came from the GELDPILOT24 team itself and our Head of...

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Did you know? Children are liable for their parents

Parents are liable for their children

If a parent's illness, accident, care or death result in huge costs, what does the family look like?  What is the financial security of your children if something happens to their parents? If your parents or children need care because of illness or accident, parents or children should pay for them. Nowadays, additional monthly payments of 1,400 euros in an old people's home are no longer rare. The monthly additional payment is over 1,700 euros nationwide. If he cannot do this, his financial situation is...

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Welcome to the GELDPILOT24 stores

Digital and personal - we are everywhere


Before founding our GELDPILOT24 platform, we asked international consumers how they envisaged a new digital financial+insurance platform. To our surprise, both in the USA and in Europe, young and old alike, the respondents also wanted a personal contact person if necessary.  The younger respondents in particular accepted that contact was first made via digital channels. Video, online or telephone are absolutely accepted. None of the respondents had any desire for hours of sales talks in the evenings.


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Finally, the end of the mountains of paper

New GELDPILOT24 customers appreciate digitally and personally


Customers have many files full of financial+insurance documents. Do we still have to do that? We recommend repealing them, a certain period of time, but nothing more. Our customers have a personal GELDPILOT24 account in which they can find all up-to-date mail and documents of their financial+insurance documents, account balances digitally. Printout possible at any time, also forwarding of documents as PDF.


Online access to insurance has been around for quite some time. Almost always, however, well...

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Robby Clemens with pilot and dog

GELDPILOT24 also accompanies Robby in Latin America


North Pole, Canada, USA, Mexico. These are just a few of the regions Robby Clemens crosses during his expedition "From the North Pole to the South Pole". GELDPILOT24 supports his expedition and Robby also tests the use of our platform during this time.


Robby is warmly welcomed and supported everywhere he goes in America. New challenges accompany Robby every week and he lets the world participate. He is currently in Colombia, where the German Consul General of Cali Gerd Thyben helped him with a...

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GELDPILOT24-Store Leipzig-Markkleeberg

Marcus Jungnickel, StoreManager and Co-Founder


Marcus is a co-founder of GELDPILOT24, who deliberately terminated his exclusivity agreement in a financial distribution company a few years ago. There Marcus was one of the most successful sales representatives of this organization. However, Marcus deliberately did not want to be in the narrower channels as a sales representative any more.


At GELDPILOT24 Marcus is not only co-founder but also speaker, quasi co-determining in the management and also coordinates the implementation of various projects...

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Nationwide specialist meeting with EBASE


More and more clients are opening investment accounts with our store partners. Our customers can follow the result of the deposits in their personal GELDPILOT24 account on a daily basis. One click in a mobile phone, for example, is enough to see the status of his assets in the area of open-ended investment funds, VL savings, etc. With a further click they can see all their insurance contracts, regardless of the company and all financing.


Customers almost always choose the path through us and EBASE....

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Hands up, weekend?

How you really get the weekend off


First really warm weekend in 2018 and what do you do? Digitisation also means that more and more parts of services are to be taken over by the customer himself. One example is the self-service terminals at Mc Donalds. Instead of nice young people who will give you a few tips about the menus, there are five terminals and you will only pick up your food after payment. We tried it once and parts of the order were wrong. Don't worry, you go to the Mc Donalds cash register and swap the wrong thing for the...

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How to get started in finance + insurance

How you do it right as a career starter, student


Some time ago we received a call from a man about 20 years old. He wanted to inform himself urgently about accident insurance and occupational disability cover. OK, we gave him a quick appointment. When the potential customer appeared at the appointment in wide sweatpants and hobbling in hiding, it was clear to us that someone had underestimated the importance of security and saved in the wrong place. Unfortunately, we had to explain to him that retroactive insurance cover is almost impossible.



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Ex-pro boxer Steffen Sparborth (GELDPILOT24-Berlin) meets Henry Maske again

GELDPILOT24-Berlin is looking for active store partners


A few weeks ago we were in a meeting with boxing world champion Henry Maske during our UPDATE-Week 2018. There he reported impressively on his path from young sportsman, professional world champion to today's very successful franchise entrepreneur for Mc Donalds.


Our Head of GELDPILOT24-Berlin, Steffen Sparborth was also our guest. Steffen also made his way from a young amateur sportsman to a boxing professional and met Henry Maske there for the first time as a youth boxer. Steffen is now in charge...

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GELDPILOT24 - How does it work?

Your personal, modern GELDPILOT24 account

We are often asked which problem do you solve for your customers?  Here we ask back: What does the customer want? One or more consultants, agents, apps, comparison platforms for each division?  We have decided to start a flexible general solution. A modern platform, including personal stores, which manages all your contracts of all companies, whether insurance, loans or investment funds.


How does it work?  We always hear that on first contact. The start is simple: 1. you go to the link, button of your...

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Interview with GELDPILOT24 asks customers

Customer + start-up entrepreneur enthusiastic


The founding site of the platform GELDPILOT24-SIMPLIFY-your-Finances is located in Silicon Valley. What customers in the financial+insurance sector want and what they don't want was our founding idea.


How do we convince new customers of our platform GELDPILOT24? Among other things, we conduct video interviews with the users of our platform. Uncut, real asked for you today an interview with a customer.  Gregor Schiller is founder and owner of the successful eCommerce platform DRESSUITS


As the...

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Dr. Thomas Wiesemann - Interview with ALLIANZ Lebensversicherungs-AG

GELDPILOT24 asks member of the board of Europe's largest insurance company

We had important questions in an interview with Dr. Thomas Wiesemann, member of the Management Board of ALLIANZ Lebensversicherungs-AG. How does ALLIANZ currently earn interest? How important are insurance brokers for ALLIANZ Lebensversicherungs-AG? Why does ALLIANZ Lebensversicherungs-AG believe that it is a good, long-term provider for customers? As Finanz+Versicherungsmakler acting on the customer side, we are obliged to select strong companies. It is crucial that such contracts often find a stable...

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How to find a suitable protection and how to avoid

Occupational disability, term life insurance, long-term care, accident........


Modern times or doing everything like yesterday?


Comparison portals such as Check24 or Verifox give customers the feeling that all their financial and insurance needs can be managed from their mobile phone. However, there is a difference between feeling and insurance cover, which some people only notice in the event of a claim. Only a few weeks ago, our research team tested a very large one of these portals and found out in the automotive sector that the highly important driver protection is...

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Much as it hasn't been for a long time - New 2018 in the financial sector

There are many changes waiting for you in 2018


By the turn of the year 2018, changes came into effect that would bring more money into your pocket, create opportunities, change habits or pay for them. Our list does not guarantee the completeness, we recommend you as our customer / prospective customer in any case a status check of your financial + insurance situation to the new year.  


1. statutory pensions increase

Statutory pensions are expected to rise by 3 percent from July 2018, and if they have not yet been paid, this could potentially...

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2387 € costs per year - must it be?

Why wrongly insured can endanger existence


The German spends 2387 costs per year on insurance. Our tip will be given before the hammer is removed. Wrong or not insured endangers your economic existence.


How are the 2,387 € per year divided up?

1.141 € for retirement, death or disability, 792 € for damage + accident insurance and 453 € for private health + supplementary health insurance. 


For example, you want to "save" on a very large comparison portal and take out your car insurance. Then you will have an accident alone in the car, hurl...

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From agent to insurance broker

GELDPILOT24 asks lawyer Kai Behrens


More and more insurance sales representatives or sales organizations are changing. The number of agents has been shrinking for years, while the number of insurance brokers is increasing or stable. The motivations of the representatives are often similar: First and foremost, many more possibilities to find solutions + concepts for customers, escape of the often competitive sales atmosphere, more sustainable payment that takes the pressure of quick deals, and last but not least, your own company as a...

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