The five biggest mistakes in occupational disability insurance

Avoid errors when closing


It is one of the most important covers and an absolute must, occupational disability insurance. We asked our experts from GELDPILOT24-Research what are the most mistakes at the conclusion:

1. To postpone the conclusion to "Later". Later means expensive, much more expensive due to the increasing age of entry. Later, the risk of not getting a contract. Or to pay high surcharges. Or just incomplete insurance cover. Main reason: Health issues of up to 10 years back.

2. Only to pay the price. More important is the so-called gross price. That's the price you actually lock up at. Your insurance can easily increase from the payment amount to the gross amount. In 2017, some insurers recorded increases in the double-digit percentage range.

3. Choose terms that are too short, because your "agency" only brokers for a single insurance company and this may be too expensive. Long contracts up to 67 are often a must because the highest risk exists in recent years.

4. Choose pensions that are too low to save contributions. It is better to check different providers together with your insurance broker.

5. Click through at the one-company representative or quickly on the Internet. Errors in occupational disability cover can jeopardize your very existence. This may also include an anonymous preliminary enquiry with several insurance companies and an enquiry to your health insurance company about the health situation in recent years.

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