GELDPILOT24 in conversation with EBASE

Exclusive interview with EBASE spokesman Rudolf Geyer

Never before in the history of Europe and the Federal Republic of Germany have good investment experts been in greater demand than now. The reasons for this are simple and compelling: adjusted for inflation, European savings deposits earn minus interest! The real assets are melting away. GeldPilot24 is receiving more and more requests from existing and new customers for a modern fund account.  

For decades now there have been profitable alternatives to savings books or fixed-term deposit accounts. Good...

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GELDPILOT24 meets Allianz-Leben board member Dr. Wiesemann

Why the ALLIANZ is so often number one

We did it again. Our CSO Torsten Günther met with the member of the Management Board Dr. Thomas Wiesemann from ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung. In order to obtain the best possible information for our GELDPILOT24 partners and customers, we often meet with key managers of the companies.   

In our experience, ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung is one of the future insurers, both in terms of its figures and ratings and its efforts to make digital progress.  It is one of the companies with which we cooperate in a...

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Live interview for Leipzig eSports

Exciting news about sponsoring eSports

Leipzig eSports is one of the largest eSports clubs in Germany. Not only we find eSport megacool, but also our many young customers. Leipzig eSports sees itself as a promoter of popular sports and we support this within the scope of a sponsoring between GELDPILOT24 and Leipzig eSports.

  The club now hosted the 8th Community Cup, to which players also travelled from far away. Our CSO Torsten was invited by eSports for a live interview in the stream. How does GELDPILOT24 work? What are the advantages for...

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Robby Clemens explains the world

How good can GELDPILOT24 insurance?

With the worldwide known WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens we have started a new project. Robby explains in small fresh video clips how he sees the world of finance+insurance things.  

As part of a cool, big TV project, Robby was now back in Mexico. Robby Clemens is also an enthusiastic GELDPILOT24 user and needed insurance cover for the good feeling on his travels almost a few hours before departure.  

If you have a personal, fully digital GELDPILOT24 then this is no problem. Info in your GELDPILOT24 messenger...

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Fund Manager Klaus Kaldemorgen in conversation with GELDPILOT24

Can Robos and ETFs replace successful fund managers?

In order to get an exclusive interview with the fund manager of the last decades, you have to have patience, success and expertise. GELDPILOT24 has made it; Torsten Günther, our CSO, now had Klaus Kaldemorgen from DWS in conversation.

  GELDPILOT24 customers do not only manage their insurances digitally and with the respective Storepartner. A unique selling point is that our customers can view their fund portfolios on a daily basis in addition to their loans and insurances. In the GELDPILOT24 basic...

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Why VISION-Makler are so successful with GELDPILOT24

Martin Röder on the advantages for his customers and partners

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and a large network of successful regional store partners. This is one of the founding ideas of GELDPILOT24. Here GELDPILOT24 sees itself as an indirect service provider for customers and direct partner for the Finance and Insurancebroker cooperating with GELDPILOT24. The highest goal is to bring benefits for the store partners and thus also for the customers.


The demand for cooperation with us is already rising strongly in the beta phase. We met with Martin Röder...

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GELDPILOT24 will be more active on Youtube in the future

Weekly new contributions in the GELDPILOT24-Channel

In the German-speaking GELDPILOT24-Youtube channel we were already enthusiastic about the requests of curious users. We are now expanding this further due to rising demand. From November 2019, our growth will also be accompanied by weekly tutorials, interviews and tips via

  In the past, we have interviewed managers of major insurance companies, banks and investment companies. The interviews with WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens were also very popular. Likewise with our specialized...

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GELDPILOT24 and Vision-Makler start in Vogtland

Vision-Makler with CEO Martin Röder takes off digitally

Now it's official. Together with Vision-Makler, led by top insurance broker and founder Martin Roeder, GELDPILOT24 now also starts in Vogtland.

  After Bavaria, Hessen, Baden Württemberg, Berlin, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Upper Lusatia, Passau, Bavarian Forest, Plattling, Leipzig, Halle, Dresden, Donaueschingen, Munich..... Vision-Makler has brought the startup GELDPILOT24 to the Vogtland.

  Vision-Makler approached GELDPILOT24 at the beginning of September and since the beginning of...

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Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 extend partnership

GELDPILOT24 accompanies Worldrunner also in the future

Worldrunner Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 extend their partnership. This was already agreed a few weeks ago. Now GELDPILOT24 can proudly announce that we will continue our partnership with Robby. We are looking forward to the next adventures and social projects. We will be publishing his now famous North Pole South Pole Cap in larger numbers and donating the surplus to social projects.

  In the USA he is known as the "German Forrest Gump", in Latin America Robby is a legend. Robby Clemens became aware...

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Final meeting with the MUT makers

In June and July the final meetings with the makers of the big MUT-Startup-Contest 2018 took place. GELDPILOT24 won the contest in November 2018. Now the implementation of the project USA starts. Our thanks to the makers of MUT, Mergin Minds from the USA, BASISLAGER-Leipzig and of course GECKO2.

Why start with GELDPILOT24 not only in Europe but also in the USA? During past stays in the USA we were surprised by the fact that the USA is the country of Netflix, Amazon, Google in the Insure area only...

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Bavarian Forest has GELDPILOT24 store for the first time

Michael Gruber new Chief Direction Officer - Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian forest has not only world champion Klaus Augenthaler, Ottfried Fischer, Florian Silbereisen and one of the largest contiguous forest areas. In the middle of the Bavarian Forest lies the oldest German national park. And now the first GELDPILOT24-Store starts in the middle of the Bavarian Forest in Büchlberg.   

The strategic manager for the Bavarian Forest will be Michael Gruber - Chief Direction Manager for the region around the National Park. For over 17 years Michael was a very successful...

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Leipzig-eSports and GELDPILOT24 successfully launched

Video of the start of the project with Leipzig-eSports

It was only a few days ago that eSports-Leipzig and the Leipzig startup GELDPILOT24 were able to announce the start of their partnership. For example with a cool explanation at the Leipzig-eSports-News what GELDPILOT24 actually does. Quote: "GELDPILOT24 supported and with its own Store, in which our members and fans can simplify completely simply their finances and conclude insurance policies digitally. GELDPILOT24 thus brings digitalisation into a traditional analogue area, which can often look...

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First GELDPILOT24 store in Passau

State-of-the-art platform launched in University-City-Passau

Passau is a university town. Passau lies directly on the border to Austria. Passau is located directly at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers. Passau is now one of the first southern German cities to have a GELDPILOT24 store.

  The founders of the start-up and their nationwide store partners have the idea that state-of-the-art technologies bring enormous benefits for customers.  Customers can onboard themselves at any time without long preliminary talks, state their companies and get their...

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GELDPILOT24 meets futureSAX

Participation in the Saxon Innovation Award

By winning the first place at MUT 2018 in November many doors have opened for us. Many congratulators, publicity and new store partners, technology inquiries from all over Germany. One of the first networkers who approached us at the MUT was Steffen Beer from futureSax, the innovation platform of the Free State of Saxony. futureSAX is a company of the Free State and initiated by the Ministry of Economics.   Mostly GELDPILOT24 is on the road in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and internationally. Torsten and...

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GELDPILOT24 supports HAUS LEBEN project

Robby Clemens, clubs, partner and world champion Annekatrin Thiele

We want to give back a part of the success of GELDPILOT24 and support associations and projects that inspire us. Customers of our respective digital eStores decide with one click which club and which project should be sponsored. We have created GELDPILOT24 technologies that enable our store partners to save up to 90% time and effort in many areas. Our easy-to-use technologies are already inspiring many thousands of new customers in their everyday lives.

  To the GELDPILOT24-Startup-Night of the clubs,...

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03.05.2019 Startup-Night

Clubs, Stars and Business at BASISLAGER-Leipzig

Leipzig the better Berlin? In the past, quotes about Leipzig from Europe to the USA were heard like this or similarly. GELDPILOT24 loves Berlin and Leipzig. As the headquarters for GELDPILOT24, we have chosen Leipzig as the city of many superlatives, in contrast to thousands of Fin+Insuretechs. So it is obvious that we will perform our Startup-Night in Leipzig on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019. Due to the massive savings in time and effort in our daily work, we have an attractive business...

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GELDPILOT24 and Leipzig-eSports start partnership

Sponsoring with commitment of GELDPILOT24

Now it's time. The GELDPILOT24-Store base camp and Leipzig-eSports start the partnership. Before the start there were meetings between Patrick Dreißig, CEO, and GELDPILOT24. We also presented our startup in a board meeting.

  Our decision: We support Leipzig-eSports with our own Store. Who simplifies, digitizes or starts under the left its finances+insurances thereby also the association supports. GELDPILOT24 measures the success and thus...

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Next Steps for german insurance brokers from Leipzig

The impulse for the foundation of the project GELDPILOT24 came from an interview with Searchmetrics in Silicon Valley. Our founders were impressed by the introduction to the founding culture in California, the thinking and acting in the environment of Standford University.

  The brand was registered shortly before the turn of the year 2017 and the beta phases were extremely successful. Our concept was so successful that we immediately won first place at MUT Germany 2018 on our second pitch after the...

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Welcome on board

Susanne Wischnewski is new store partner and specialist

In late autumn 2018 Susanne applied for a job at GELDPILOT24. Her special skills convinced us. Susanne is a trained business economist and worked for several years as a sales representative in the financial+insurance sector. Her focus in consulting and support is, among others, on members of the German Armed Forces, civil servants and top athletes up to Olympic champions and world champions. In particular she uses the digital abilities of GELDPILOT24 intensively. The eStore of Susanne Wischnewski is...

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Sven Stoll new top expert for GELDPILOT24

Finance journalist, media expert and blogger Sven Stoll

Sven Stoll country widely well-known Fondsexperte, journalist and Blogger accompanies in the future with its authority GELDPILOT24. We got to know Sven online, as it should be for a startup in the digital world. In the beginning, Sven simply became a customer and watched our team and the professional backgrounds at various conferences over a large number of meetings. In the funds area he accompanies our competence in the investment area around our Research-Chief Matthias Lippold. Thus GELDPILOT24...

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04.03.2019 starts with Worldrunner Robby Clemens

MONEY 2019 in the Startup Heart of Leipzig and at the Airport

It's time. GELD2019 will take place in Leipzig from 15 to 18 May. The experts from around 36 companies, fund banks, fund managers, banks and the most important of our nationwide store partners will meet exclusively in Leipzig. In the StartUp-Makingplace BASISLAGER Leipzig and in the Airport Leipzig-Halle three days of professional exchange and the presentation of new developments take place.

  As a special highlight, our WORDRUNNER Robby Clemens will exclusively launch the on 15 May...

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Welcome to GELDPILOT24

Thomas Knauer new top expert at GELDPILOT24

We are pleased that Thomas Knauer, another top expert on GELDPILOT24, has joined us. Thomas worked for almost three decades in the insurance sector for a single insurance company. Thomas is particularly specialized in craft businesses. In this function he is also the contact person for our stores.     In his exclusive capacity, Thomas increasingly reached the limits of his possibilities in terms of concept and conditions. The technological possibilities for customers and store partners at GELDPILOT24...

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HC Leipzig and GELDPILOT24 start partnership

GELDPILOT24-Store-Leipzig-Markkleeberg presents Matchday

"GELDPILOT24 has a mad concept for the simplification and improvement of your financial and insurance contracts and at the same time to the promotions of our HC Leipzig at the same time for the simplification and improvement of your financial and insurance contracts thus presents the HC Leipzig the first play day with the partner GELDPILOT24.  Tomorrow 16:00 it is so far with the Leipziger home play. Exclusive partner for the HCL is the GELDPILOT24-Store-Leipzig-Markkleeberg. Marcus Jungnickel, co-founder...

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GELDPILOT24 says Hello 2019

What will be digitally implemented?

An outstanding year 2018 lies behind us. 2019 has already begun. We are in the middle of launching new interfaces and digital ideas to inspire our customers and store partners even more. Important experts, store managers and our speaker team met for a week. Coordination of the education program, IT projects and of course the constant optimization of our online technologies was our content for one week at the start of 2019. GELDPILOT24.Club as a regional sponsor concept for clubs and projects is successful...

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Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 in Antarctica

23,000 kilometers from the North Pole to the "South Pole" on foot

Twenty long months from Leipzig to the North Pole and then on foot to Antarctica. Congratulations to Robby Clemens. Leipzig, city of records. Not only the most newly built Porsche come from Leipzig, a nationwide financial startup, but also Robby Clemens who ran together with GELDPILOT24 from North Pole to South Pole.


On his tour Robby tested the use of his GELDPILOT24 account again and again as an enthusiastic user, sportsman and record runner. By the way, Robby first became a GELDPILOT24 user on his...

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Now Robby Clemens to support the South Pole

Robby needs your support for the final leg to the South Pole

We have been accompanying Robby Clemens on his way from the North Pole to the South Pole on foot since 2017. As a startup we accompany Robby also because he is not this styled extreme sport type, but also visits country, youth, schools and gets involved with the people. We have been supporting Robby on his way to the North Pole as part of our sponsorship for many months. But that will not be enough. Robby has therefore launched a campaign with the Visionbakery project platform. There you can support...

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GELDPILOT24 are the the winners of the MUT-Contest 2018

Welcome to Miami

Shortly before twelve o'clock the decision of the tough jury was made. GELDPILOT24 wins the MUT-Contest 2018. Thanks to Marcus and Torsten who took over the pitch and answered the questions of the jurors. On the stage of MUT and BASISLAGER of the Madsack Group they could convince for GELDPILOT24. With the help of Robby Clemens, who from his North Pole/South Pole expedition from Peru very briefly described his experiences as an enthusiastic user of GELDPILOT24.


What does this mean for GELDPILOT24?...

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GELDPILOT24 in the pitch final of the MUT 2018

Medium-sized Entrepreneur Day 2018

Mittelständischer Unternehmertag 2018 in Leipzig. This year, HHL's Spinlab startup blacksmiths in Leipzig and base camps in the heart of Leipzig will provide a breath of fresh air and speed. For the first time, four start-ups will compete against each other in the final at the congress with 1800 visitors. So to speak Sharktank or "Cave of the Lions" in the CongressCenter of the New Leipzig Trade Fair. GELDPILOT24 is looking forward to the startups iotiq, Blugento and Everlean. The winner can enter the...

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Click and GELDPILOT24 supports your project

Amazon Smile or GELDPILOT24#MakeaBetterWorld

The GELDPILOT24-founder unites also that we are socially engaged for associations. Thus our customers can push their own project in their region and GELDPILOT24 can sponsor the project financially. That can be a child+youth sport association, an animal home, a social aid project....... Our customers decide and have themselves no financial expenditure for it. When starting a customer to the GELDPILOT24 platform, the so-called eBoarding, the customer selects his regional project with one click. If he does...

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Incubate 2018 - Exchange and Team

GELDPILOT24 in successful beta phase

Store partners, founders and experts spent a week together in the south of Italy. Only a few kilometres from Amalfi, Napoli and Capri, our teams exchanged information on various topics. The use and further development of our GELDPILOT24 technologies was in the foreground. The only thing that counted was to put the customer's point of view in the foreground. At present, the aim is to accompany the large number of new digital customers on a high quality basis.


A high number of applicants in the second...

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Welcome GELDPILOT24-Rothenburg

Store partner Bernd Kasper in Bavaria and Saxony

More and more customers appreciate our digital boarding and their digital account respectively the end of the paper mountains. Our store partner Bernd Kasper is particularly in demand in the federal states of Bavaria and Saxony. His customers in the German Alpine region and Upper Lusatia particularly appreciate the fact that Bernd remains their personal contact despite all digital possibilities.


Bernd is looking for clubs in his region which he supports in the context of our project #MakeaBetterWorld....

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GELDPILOT24 starts project with HAUS LEBEN Leipzig

GELDPILOT24 and Haus Leben agree on partnership

The association HAUS LEBEN Leipzig+Delitzsch and GELDPILOT24 start a special partnership. This project is managed and carried out by the Store Leipzig-Markkleeberg. Marcus Jungnickel co-founder and manager will lead this cooperation. The HAUS LEBEN association cares for 2,000 cancer patients and relatives annually in over 12,000 individual contacts.


HAUS LEBEN supports patients and their relatives in the emotional and practical management of the disease. The goals are: to prevent, cure and manage...

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GELDPILOT24 on startup tour in Shanghai

China leads InsureStartups

Yesterday evening Lufthansa also brought another team member of GELDPILOT24 to Shanghai in an A380. In the coming weeks we want to immerse ourselves in the start-up ecosystems of Shanghai in particular. There are huge CoWorkingspaces. The Chinese pace of developing new ideas is enormous. 


The Chinese Internet giant Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma are the example of successful online business. An unbelievable number of success stories can be found in China's start-up history. We want to see this, have...

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Insurance meets STARTUPs

Two of our founders spend two days in Berlin at the DIGISURANCE. There, our GELDPILOT24 developers and store partners have to find the latest trends, digital tools. Digisurance is a special event. The classic insurance industry meets there with all kinds of financial+insurance start-ups.


Dr. Robin Kiera leads through the DIGISURANCE which is mainly organized by FLEXPERTO around Felix Anthonj. ERGO, BARMENIA, DEBEKA, DVAG, Alte Leipziger are present for the classic insurance companies and their...

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Constance Frommolt - GELDPILOT24-Chief Academic Officer

Welcome on board

We are happy to welcome Constance Frommolt, not just anyone on board, but one of the most successful young team leaders in Germany. After studying business administration, literature and German, she spent almost 13 years in a German exclusive distribution company. She has specifically applied to GELDPILOT24 in order to bring maximum benefit to future customers as a financial+insurance broker with full market access. Constance is licensed as an insurance broker by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Via...

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Even more benefits for customers of GELDPILOT24

Support by our team

Our team now looks after several tens of thousands of insurance contracts, custody positions and financing. From a certain size, high quality support would be difficult for customers. Our quality standards will remain consistently high in the future. We have decided to build a diverse team of specialists and experts. Customers should not have different contacts, but should be served by a single store. If required and desired, colleagues in our network can also support you with service.


The advantages...

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We build eStores for customers and partners

GELDPILOT24 as a store and eStore future-proof

What distinguishes you from startups like CLARK, N26 or WEFOX?  We are only committed to our customers. Not insurance companies, distributors, banks and investment companies.  We are not in favour of the fully digital business channel. As an alternative to CLARK, N26 and WEFOX, we invest specifically in the development of regional, physical stores. We equip our store partners with their own personalized eStores. New customers can then "board" digitally within a few minutes.


Our individualized IT...

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MONEY2018 in Saxony Valley

The first 18 digital eStores have been handed over


They were all there, representatives of large insurance companies, investment experts, financing professionals, IT experts, DSGVO legal experts. Of course GELDPILOT24-Store-Partners came from all over Germany. The store managers from Baden Württemberg, Lower Saxony, Berlin, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia were able to hand over their personal eStores in the largest rollout to date. As a result, each of these stores and their customers not only have "physical" stores in the current beta phase.  With...

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Robby Clemens via live broadcast from Ecuador

GELDPILOT24 and Robby Clemens at the GELD 2018


For several weeks now, extreme athlete Robby Clemens has been testing our GELDPILOT24 platform under the toughest conditions during the international expedition "From the North Pole to the South Pole". Robby, currently ultra-well known in the international media, differs from extreme athletes "that he doesn't just stand in front with "just keep going, keep going" and "never give up". In his lectures, Robby Clemens also calls for self-analysis and situational analysis. Nor is he interested in running...

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GELD2018 - Store partners and experts meet

Specialist meeting begins in the middle of Saxony Valley


Three days, three different places in Leipzig. GELD2018 serves our store partners, IT experts, banking, insurance and investment experts as a platform for development and exchange. For this purpose we meet in the Leipzig Startupinkubator No. 1, the base camp of the Madsack Group, in the international airport Leipzig-Halle and in Leipzig-Zentrum.


It will have an almost historical character in the history of GELDPILOT24. Our store partners now all receive their fully digital eBoarding tools according...

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Speaker meeting of GELDPILOT24

New GELDPILOT24 stores digital for enthusiastic customers


The highest committee at GELDPILOT24 is composed of partners appointed by our store partners. These, in turn, represent the ideas and interests of their fellow storers on the speaker committee. Co-determination is something that some circles underestimate. Not on our end. Many ideas have emerged from our teams and stores, e.g. to develop personalized eBoarding tools for each store partner.


The GELDPILOT24 speakers met for two days in Leipzig. The MONEY2018 in Leipzig in May was finally discussed....

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GELDPILOT24 and Robby Clemens in Latin America

Fast delivery of capes for the RUN-YOUR Dreams tour


The first reports that we were supporting Robby Clemens, "The german Forrest Gump" on his expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole were barely received by customers, interested parties, partners for these cool GELDPILOT24-Robby-Tour-Caps.


What's the current status? Robby received the graphic data for the current RUN cap via email from the GELDPILOT24 design team. It was then manufactured in Latin America as a unique piece.  Currently and due to the high demand, we are in the final phase of...

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Official: GELDPILOT tests from the North Pole to the South Pole

Worldrunner Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 start project

It's time. GELDPILOT24 will accompany Robby Clemens on his way on foot from the North Pole to the South Pole. And not only that. In addition, we will accompany Robby for a while after reaching the South Pole. Robby is on his current tour from the North Pole to the South Pole for a long time. During the tour Robby Clemens will test our platform intensively, because he can't do anything at home on these tours.


First of all, we at GELDPILOT24 love Robby Clemens and what he does, especially his social...

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GELDPILOT24 also uses Morgen & Morgen

Managing Director Peter Schneider in conversation with GELDPILOT24

There are only a few independent companies left like Morgen & Morgen in the insurance sector. Morgen & Morgen is 100% owned by the management. At the same time morning & morning is no offerer or mediator of financial+insurance products. Managing director Peter Schneider answered our questions to topics which are exciting for our GELDPILOT24-Store-Partners and customers at present. In the last total rating of morning & morning large insurances were represented with Ratings of one to 5 stars. Companies with...

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GELDPILOT24 in America, Asia and the South Pole?

Toughest test phases begin with partners and customers

Our founders are conducting international talks, among others with a leading bank from Asia, in the USA in Silicon Valley. In Europe, talks on stores in Austria are on schedule. In a few weeks, some of our founders will travel to Shanghai for talks. It couldn't be more exciting, because our idea is characterized by simplicity for customers, but can be implemented worldwide.


During the last weeks we had talks with the extreme sportsman Robby Clemens, among others to test our platform and its practical...

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GELDPILOT24 in the Saxony Valley

Base camp space of the MADSACK media group and GELDPILOT24

As HQ for our launch phase we have chosen the "base camp" space of the MADSACK media group directly in the city centre of Leipzig. As GELDPILOT24-HQ and the super-store at Leipzig Airport, a very creative place full of founders and start-ups. In May 2018, we will be hosting our MONEY 2018 here for the second time.Leipzig is becoming one of the most important locations for the German start-up scene. We are able to work with programmers, experts, co-founders and the network of Leipzig's start-up scene to...

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GELDPILOT24-Trade Insurance Simplify-Making

SIMPLIFY-your-finances for companies

An important part of our customers are companies of all sizes. Very often startups, shops, craftsmen, service providers and corporations. Our store partners will be able to advise these customers even better quickly, easily and professionally. In addition to a personal team, the company also has the advantage of being able to view all contracts and contract mail in the GELDPILOT24 account for companies on a fully digital, daily basis.


The project Gewerbeversicherungen-EINFACH- machen integrates this...

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GELDPILOT24 in MDR contribution about BASISLAGER Leipzig

The Saxony Valley is flourishing and GELDPILOT24 is in the middle of it!

TV teams, investors, business angels are always on the move with us in BASISLAGER. A few days ago, MDR (part of the ARD television channel, First German Television), the chances of co-workings and startups were very good. The realisation of entrepreneurial ideas by start-ups is currently a worldwide wave. As it were, we are in the midst of a new period of promoterism. The MDR's film team is almost as perfect as in the contribution.


GELDPILOT24 has deliberately chosen the Saxony Valley. In the middle of...

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GELDPILOT24 with customer service fleet

Service anywhere, digital, in the stores and on site

GELDPILOT24 the all-in-one platform for finance + insurance starts your service vehicle fleet. First vehicles in Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony/Anhalt and Bavaria were and are labelled. GELDPILOT24 starts a digital and personal service and marketing concept. Surveys of the customers revealed the need for a service strategy that includes direct appointments in addition to digital service. 


The enormous increase in brand awareness should not be underestimated. GELDPILOT24 wants to start the topic insurance...

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GELDPILOT24-Store Leipzig-Markkleeberg

Marcus Jungnickel, Co-Founder and Beta-Head of GELDPILOT24

Markkleeberg lies in the southern part of the up-and-coming metropolitan region of Leipzig, with a breathtaking lake landscape, nature and golf courses. Our co-founder Marcus Jungnickel has opened his first GELDPILOT24 store in the middle of this region, directly in a large shopping centre. And with extraordinary success. Strong demand from new customers digitally and locally is everyday life there. Together with his team, especially the long-time professional Andreas Gutsche, Marcus also accompanies the...

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Women's power at GELDPILOT24

Female store partners particularly successful

The success of our female store partners is striking. This is true for long-time professionals like Petra Dils from the GELDPILOT24-Store in Bautzen but also for the starters in the qualification phase. We asked some of them in Lower Saxony and Saxony. What is the reason for the enormous success?  IT was unanimously mentioned as our CRM, which enables them to manage their daily work as leanly as if they were only working for a single finance or insurance company. The eBoardingtool enables customers and...

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Stock market star Folker Hellmeyer at GELDPILOT24 in 2018

How is 2018, Bitcoin, Roboadivisor, ETF,.....

Folker Hellmeyer, stock exchange star, sought-after guest at NTV, Bloomberg, ARD, guest at GELDPILOT24. Exclusive insights into the current world economic situation, Bitcoin, ETF and the outlook 2018 partly 2019. His expectation for the development of the world economy is 4% plus, he sees the USA at 2.5%, he considers Europe for investments as set. Folker Hellmeyer warns intensively against the dangers of a regulation of the so-called crypto currencies or BITCOIN that has not yet taken place.


We also...

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Welcome on board

Falk Ernst to become Store-Partner and Social Media Expert at GELDPILOT24

How can the year start better than with three experienced new colleagues in Bavaria + Saxony?          Since today he is also aboard GELDPILOT24. After extensive discussions Falk Ernst decided to leave his current "Bavarian" insurance company. Before that, he had worked for almost a decade, in the insurance sector exclusively as an agent, for an Italian insurance company operating in Germany.


His reasons for deciding to join our start-up are manifold and well-considered. Falk is licensed in the field...

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Make a better World in the Christmas season

GELDPILOT24 supports DHFK - "Christmas Show Jumping" again

GELDPILOT24 supports youth, children, sports and social projects. Not so much the expensive professional star, but your projects proposed by our customers. And all this regionally around the locations of our storepartners and GELDPILOT24 stores. One click of our customers is enough for eBoarding. 


Again and again we supported with technical support the SC DHFK, water jumping department of the kids who are training there.  This year's motto was Wild West and Wonderland. Here you can read about what the...

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New York, San Diego, Palo Alto, Leipzig - GELDPILOT24

Bernhard Kelz, HNB at GELDPILOT24 about our strategy

We value Bernhard Kelz, our Head of new Business, as an absolute professional for modern marketing strategies.  Since May he has accompanied our launch and the platform.  During his time with a major financial institution in the USA, we already had a lot of contact. Final talks for a commitment with Bernhard Kelz were then held during a financial trade fair in San Diego. In May 2017 GELDPILOT24 participated for the first time in a pitch under the direction of Bernhard.  


Every day, an insurance...

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Digital, online in case of damage everything easy or what?

Interview with GELDPILOT24 Co-Founder and lawyer David Bastanier

One of our GELDPILOT24-CoFounder is lawyer David Bastanier. With David and his colleague Johannes Schmelzer we also have the topic of claims on our screens. Why in the event of occupational disability not everything goes easy digitally? Why should GELDPILOT 24 - Store Partners always call in specialist lawyers in BU cases? Why a conflict of interest arises and why digital insurance companies or representatives are always in the insurance company's warehouse.


An exciting interview which also shows that...

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GELDPILOT24 meets Julian Teicke from ONE

Julian Teicke founds digital insurance company with ONE

We were on the road in Silicon Valley, California, Arizona and Europe. Our goal is to build the ultimate platform including stores that do what the customer really needs. At the DKM in Düsseldorf we visited pitches and discussions with FRIDAY, flypper, ONE, WEFOX and big insurance companies. We heard everything from "the customer as a gold mine" to the actual "benefit".   


One thing is certain, anyone who now believes as an employee, entrepreneur in the financial+insurance sector that you just don't...

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