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Robby Clemens is speaker of the #GELD2021 in Leipzig

USA, Mexiko, Raumflug und Europa mit GELDPILOT24USA, Mexico, Spaceflight and Europe with GELDPILOT24


Robby was our first ambassador for GELDPILOT24. As a user, he tested his account on his expedition "From the North Pole to the South Pole Foot" over 23,000 km from Guatemala. His enthusiasm for the startup from Leipzig grew more and more. Today, Robby is not only an ambassador but also an enthusiastic GELDPILOT24 user privately and with his companies.


The year 2021 will again be full of highlights. And Robby will be again world-wide also with GELDPILOT24 on route. Highlights will be his tour to the USA in the summer, Europe-wide presentations e.g. in September in Switzerland at the "Discovery Days". He will also visit Mexico again, where he is socially engaged for a particularly disadvantaged region. As a speaker he is booked exclusively on the AIDA and he will participate in a parabolic flight experiment. And as in the last years, we will surely be able to enjoy him again on TV internationally and nationally. Always with his GELDPILOT24 discovery cap that so many are already waiting for.


The highlight for our startup will be Robby's appearance as a star speaker at #GELD2021 from June 15 to 17, 2021 in Leipzig. There, we will launch a new format with him under his leadership: "Authentically Bringing Value" with the goal of sustainably and authentically winning and advising customers online. Our company name contains the word "PILOT". This stands for the fact that we want to "pilot" our users through the finance+insurance jungle with technological support.


Despite all the technology, each customer has a personal, non-changing expert via GELDPILOT24. There must be only one customer account, no matter which contracts one has with which company.


In addition to insurance, in the case of GELDPILOT24 this also includes financing, especially of real estate, companies, startups and capital investments, such as open funds. Our goal is that concept and good condition go hand in hand. After all, what good is the best concept if overpriced fees ruin the concept again?

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