Insight into our team. We make finance+insurance easy again. SIMPLIFY only.

Torsten Guenther, Co-founder, CSO, board member

Torsten was one of the first financial service providers to have its own business website. As a manager in an exclusive organisation of the Generali Group he built up teams and customer bases nationwide. In 2016 he had talks in Silicon Valley, which showed him that there was a huge demand for his services. The first pitch started in 2017. Talks are underway in Europe and Asia and in 2019 in the USA.

Marcus Jungnickel, co-founder, board member

Marcus was a successful manager in a leading finance and exclusive sales company. Additionally, he built up an important online platform in the sports sector. In the field of finance and insurance, he aims to offer his clients modern, innovative solutions that are easy to handle. With his ideas, he is contributing a major part in the setup of GELDPILOT24. 

Petra Dils, co-founder, board member

Following her studies in Germany and Russia, Petra entered the world of finance and insurance in 1994. While working as a manager in financial distribution, she gained a lot of insight in the field. She helped develop innovations at GELDPILOT24 right from the start and is leading our teams in Saxony and Lower Saxony. 

Tilo Marder, co-founder, board member

Tilo became an expert in finance and insurance in 1992. While working for an exclusivity organization, he always felt that he was limited in finding the right insurances and investment options for his clients. In 2010, he became an insurance and financial broker. To him, GELDPILOT24 is the modern path to maximum customer benefit and an idea with extremely high scaling potential. 

Falk Ernst, Socialmedia-Team, Store-Partner

Falk has been working successfully in the financial and insurance industry for over a decade. Already during his studies he started his work. For many years he worked for a representative organisation which is exclusively active in the insurance sector. There he pushed his ideas to their limits.

Falk's reasons for our startup are well-considered. He was convinced by our ideas to enable large and satisfied customer portfolios within a short period of time with the help of state-of-the-art IT in combination with GELDPILOT24 stores. Last but not least, Falk is an authentic, colourful guy, kite surfer, bulliarist, handball player, referee and in Thuringia carnival president.


Felix Schnella, Expansion Manager, CDO Hessen + NRW

Felix Schnella is a well-known fund manager. Felix Schnella has been a successful portfolio manager for many years at Allianz Global Investors and ÖkoWorld, among others.  The portfolio professional accompanies the internationalization for the USA and Europe. He is also responsible for expansion in Hesse and NRW.

Matthias Lippold, graduate economist, Chief Research Investment (CRI)

Matthias accompanies GELDPILOT24 exclusively through the management of our investment research. For more than 15 years he has been managing a considerable fund volume in the multi-digit millions throughout Germany. He has made a name for himself as a speaker at conferences and public appearances. From its location at the Bodensee it coordinates the technical exchange for GELDPILOT24. Through him, our GELDPILOT24 customers and store partners benefit exclusively from his professional investment strategies.

Thomas Jahn, co-founder, Head of insurances

Thomas was educated at an international special insurance broker in the field of real estate, event and sport insurances. SIMPLIFY-your- FINANCES is his top priority. His specialties are biometric protection such as Critical illness insurance and special term insurances. In his free time, he is part of the (inter)national rock music scene. 


David Bastanier, co-founder, lawyer

David accompanies GELDPILOT24 as co-founder and lawyer. He is specialized in the fields of banking and capital market law as well as corporate + distribution law. Together with his colleagues he advises clients and partners in necessary situations. These include, for example, difficult exit scenarios from distributors, the legal support of insurance claims or unsuccessful investments in the investment sector.

Jeannette Günther, Storemanager GELDPILOT24 in the base camp Leipzig

Jeannette has been working as a financial and insurance intermediary for over 17 years. In this context, she accompanied the establishment of one of the largest insurance organizations in the Central German region and, from 2009 onwards, with great success for a Bavarian insurance group. In his private life Jeannette is married and mother of five children. It is active in the regional association of families with many children.


Anne Saupe, CDO Region Chemnitz

Anne is responsible for supporting new customers and partners in the Chemnitz region. Before she worked as agency manager at Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG until 2019, Anne successfully studied business administration with a focus on finance. In 2020 Anne qualified and achieved the status of a finance+insurance broker. In addition to supporting her region, Anne is a specialist in training new financial+insurance brokers and young families/customers who are looking for cool, modern concepts for ownership, protection and returns.


Bernhard Kelz, Head of new markets

Bernhard is a strategic consultant at a brand and communications agency. At GELDPILOT24 he is particularly responsible for markets such as the USA and Asia. He advises national and international companies, in particular from the finance and insurance industry, on the design of digital communication, sales and service models. With his expertise and through his work with an international bank in New York, Bernhard works on innovative technologies and digital eco-systems.

Johannes Schmelzer, lawyer

Johannes is also a part of GELDPILOT24 since the idea of "SIMPLIFY-your-Finances" came up. He considers himself as a guide through the paragraph jungle and is a founding partner of the Schmelzer & BASTANIER law office. He is a specialist in the fields of insurance, distribution and pension law. Both our clients and our partner benefit from his wide knowledge. Especially in cases of professional changes, such as the legally precise way to exit distributions or exclusivity organizations, we consider him to be one of Germany’s most competent lawyers. 

Bernd Kasper, specialist

Bernd has been in the field of finance and insurance for almost 15 years. At GELDPILOT24, he holds a founder position and is also a specialist in financing, corporate and business customers. His tasks include the support and development of the regions of Munich, the German Alps, Rhineland-Palatinate and Upper Lusatia, home of the first GELDPILOT24 store, located in Upper Lusatia-Görlitz. 

Jakob Günther, Media-Team, CMS

Jakob is a dual student at GELDPILOT24. He accompanied us during our talks and interviews in the USA in Silicon Valley and Stanford and provided technical support. The knowledge of his US high school year and his time in Shanghai help us in particular to internationalize our GELDPILOT24 platform.

Silvio Broda, store manager

One of the first GELDPILOT24 stores was built under the management of Silvio for the region Oberlausitz. Since 2007 Silvio has been professionally active in the financial+insurance sector. He is a specialist in the areas of insurance, old-age provision and financing. Silvio supports actively the child+youth sport of its region. His passion lies in the musical area of drums.

René Herzog, chief research health insurance

While working at an exclusivity organization, René noticed that he wanted to offer his clients more possibilities in the field of health insurance. He recognized the importance of customer-friendly digitalization at an early stage and is, since then, successfully reducing it to practice. His strategy for SIMPLIFY-your-Finances is to enable clients to access their financial and insurance situation online, 24/7 and around the globe. 

Jonathan Günther, CMS

Jonathan was integrated into the founding process of GELDPILOT24 from the very beginning. Jonathan is highly talented in the IT area and supports our project in many ways. Jonathan is studying with a large international corporation in southern Germany.  He knows the USA and the industry through one year in the USA very well.

Andreas Gutsche, Senior Advisor

Andreas is one of our most experienced colleagues. Before becoming one of our most sought-after client advisors, he spent seven years as an agent for a single company insurance organization. We rely on a broad age mix and greatly appreciate his experience. From Store-Leipzig-Markkleeberg he looks after his customers online and personally.

Constance Frommolt, Store Manager

After studying German and business administration, Constance was very successful for 13 years in a leading exclusive distribution company. There she was one of the leading German team leaders. As a former competitive fencing athlete, Constance is a founder member and member of the board of the "Press Allez" association. Your credo for customers.