Successful startup conference #GELD2022

Extremely positive feedback from experts*


That was it, the startup conference #GELD2022 in Leipzig. Three days with dozens of speakers*, banks*, insurance companies*, investment funds*, influencers*, associations, IT experts* and partners* of GELDPILOT24.

Leipzig is, sometimes still unnoticed, one of the important startup cities in Europe. A multitude of unicorn startups have emerged here. TRIVAGO,, Delivery Hero, the online fashion retailer About You and Spreadshirt have all emerged from the world-renowned HHL (Leipzig Graduate School of Management).
GELDPILOT24 itself was created, after an impulse from the USA, in two Leipzig think tanks. Firstly, directly in the glass central terminal of Leipzig Airport and secondly in the BASISLAGER Leipzig, the co-working space of LVZ and the MADSACK Group.
The founders of GELDPILOT24 are themselves long-time movers and shakers in the finance and insurance market. A prominent and exclusive mixture of bankers, fund managers, finance+insurance brokers, lawyers and of course IT professionals. The mission of GELDPILOT24 is, together with the customers and financial service providers, to revolutionize a lot in the industry completely new. GELDPILOT24 wants to offer together with Storepartner everywhere in Germany not only a special platform for customers and Finanzdienstleister on-line. Much more than that, GELDPILOT24 is to become the customer's comprehensive life companion. To achieve this, the startup relies on a mix of technology and personal, non-changing contacts.
Now it took place, the "best" FinsureTech - Startup conference. Started on the first day not far from the University of Leipzig in the middle of the city center of Leipzig at Augustusplatz. Then two days in Leipzig-Lindenau, just a few minutes' drive from Leipzig's best-known incubator, the Leipzig Spinlab of HHL.
On all three days, the focus was on launching new updates to the GELDPILOT24 platform, connecting companies and participants digitally and personally, and lifting new ideas to make GELDPILOT24's partners* even more successful.
GELDPILOT24 goes thereby a completely new way. One combines the easy entrance to the customer - and Finanzdienstleister*, as one practices it e.g. with CLARK, with the completely new way to the customer as one knows it from AMAZON. All of course with the personal support of experts*. That leads to other way to and for customers than over boundless expensive TV + on-line advertisement, which as soon as one terminates it also their range terminates.
In Leipzig "LIVE" to the #GELD2022 many specialized experts* could exchange themselves, in particular to the topics insurance, investments, financings, optimal customer concepts, cross-linking with partners such as white label, Influencer, associations, distributors and banks.
Already there were first bookings for the upcoming #GELD2023 from May 9, 2023 to May 11, 2023. Of course, again in Leipzig and with even more speakers* and other guests of the industry. Thereby, May 10, 2023 will be an open startup conference and FINSURE - fair, which is looking for its equal.
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