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GELDPILOT24 in conversation with EBASE

Exclusive interview with EBASE spokesman Rudolf Geyer


Never before in the history of Europe and the Federal Republic of Germany have good investment experts been in greater demand than now. The reasons for this are simple and compelling: adjusted for inflation, European savings deposits earn minus interest! The real assets are melting away. GeldPilot24 is receiving more and more requests from existing and new customers for a modern fund account.

For decades now there have been profitable alternatives to savings books or fixed-term deposit accounts. Good open-ended investment funds have for a long time achieved higher performance than bank deposits interest. However, German savers in particular have chosen safe bank deposits and passbooks in the past.

GELDPILOT24 cooperates with what we consider the best custodian bank for fund deposits: the German EBASE from Munich. Outstanding reliability, vast experience and good technology prospects are the most important reasons for the cooperation.

Torsten Guenther from GELDPILOT24 met with the EBASE management spokesman Rudolph Geyer at DKM in Dortmund a few weeks ago and asked him about the current situation, e.g. the entry of the FNZ Group, digital asset management or the reasons why one should be an EBASE customer in Germany and Austria.

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