GELDPILOT24 becomes partner of the national team

New ways in sponsoring: GELDPILOT24 becomes partner of the national team


Official Finance+ Insurance Broker of the German National Team WheelchairRugby

Press release, Leipzig 10.10.2022
From now on GELDPILOT24 is official partner and "Finance + Insurance Broker of the German National Team WheelchairRugby." We thank all negotiating partners, the DBS, the team of the national team and especially the national coach Christoph Werner and the national player Josco Wilke.
A strong start just in time for the WHEELCHAIR RUGBY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Just in time for the World Championship in Wheelchair Rugby, which will take place from 10 to 16 October 2022 in Vejle, Denmark, we at GELDPILOT24 proudly announce our partnership with the German national team and as a contractual partner with the German Disabled Sports Association. The idea for this came from national player Josco Wilke back in 2021. As an enthusiastic GELDPILOT24 customer and now brand ambassador for our start-up, he recognized that we may not share the same industry, but we do share the same values. Moreover, due to family situations, our co-founders are well acquainted with the challenges that physical limitations bring in terms of high-performance finance+insurance contracts. The commitment is thus an authentic matter of the heart.
Sponsoring 2.0
With foresight, GELDPILOT 24 has developed a technology that takes sponsorship away from the traditional gang at the soccer field or on the jersey and brings it to a new level. Why? Because this classic approach is rarely successful for the sponsor in the long term - and therefore not for the club either. With the idea of GELDPILOT24 customers are able to bundle their finance+insurance contracts within a few minutes without the need for new contracts and in only one account. Our sponsoring takes place for the customer without additional costs. GELDPILOT24 accounts are always free of charge.
Whether financing or funds: para-athletes, disabled persons and their families encounter special requirements in the insurance sector. Smart solutions are needed here, which GELDPILOT24 offers as a specialist in this area. In this way, we give disabled people and their families a modern solution and extra security.
We are looking forward to the multi-year partnership with the German national wheelchair rugby team and are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for the 2022 World Cup.
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More and more clubs are now using a modern sponsorship partnership with GELDPILOT 24 nationwide. Examples include family clubs, women's soccer, handball, soccer, eSports, cancer prevention and more. Through the technology provided free of charge by GELDPILOT24, sponsoring becomes a gamechanger for finance+insurance service providers and sponsored clubs and projects compared to the classic model.
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