Three-day conference #GELD2022 starts

Startup GELDPILOT24 brings industry to Leipzig


In the middle of Leipzig, at Augustusplatz, the #GELD2022 will start on May 10, 2022. The three-day conference will be hosted by GELDPILOT24.  35 speakers from banks, insurance companies, investment funds and external experts from A to Z will come to Leipzig for the important startup conference in the fintech sector, from all over Germany.
A selection of the companies and speakers:
Old Leipzig
EBASE European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase®)CHE
Hanse Merkur
Nova Finis
SDK health insurance
SELECTOR capital
WEFOX Insurances
Fondstar and journalist Sven Stoll
Robby Clemens WORLDRUNNER, MindsetSpeaker, TEDex, North Pole-South Pole on foot
Josco Wilke national player
another twelve speakers
While most finsure startups are founded in Munich, Frankfurt or Cologne, GELDPILOT24 has deliberately chosen the most dynamic StartupCity. The city with the renowned University of Leipzig, the HHL, its Spinlab, the HTWK and the colorful startup scene. Porsche, BMW and DHL also chose this location.
Leipzig is one of the fastest growing cities and is perfectly accessible by train, plane and car.
Finance + insurance are changing. This is not just an advertising slogan of financial startups. WEFOX, Clark, GETSAFE, CHECK24 and of course GELDPILOT24 show how this new reality can look like. The majority of financial and insurance intermediaries still act as agents for a few individual companies. We feel however at the applications of representatives that many recognized the trend and in the future as modern finance + insurance brokers e.g. with GELDPILOT24 to be active want.
Gone are the days of evening long preliminary interviews or lengthy health surveys. GELDPILOT24 has managed to reduce 80% of the workload for customers and brokers.
At the same time, GELDPILOT24's smart partners can offer huge benefits to their automated, inflowing new customers. As a thank you for the digital support from the customers, GELDPILOT24 is ready to become a sponsor for associations/projects selected/suggested by the customer. This is a new approach, far away from expensive online, TV or superstar marketing. Instead, social responsibility and support of the community's preferred clubs and projects. This is also sustainability.
GELDPILOT24 from has created a technological revolution. OnlineShops especially for financial+insurance service providers including marketing, websites and new customer automation. Suitable for individual partners, but also platforms, banks, insurance companies, influencers, large distributors with thousands of partners.  Niches can start within hours with an individualized platform (also white label) that elevates them beyond the capabilities of modern platforms.
GELDPILOT24 believes here in a responsible symbiosis of consultant and machine. Customers and mediators it fully digitally wish find that with GELDPILOT24 also.
The MONEY 2022 is in particular on 11 May 2022 an open conference. There are still individual remaining tickets online via