Insurance meets STARTUPs


Two of our founders spend two days in Berlin at the DIGISURANCE. There, our GELDPILOT24 developers and store partners have to find the latest trends, digital tools. Digisurance is a special event. The classic insurance industry meets there with all kinds of financial+insurance start-ups.


Dr. Robin Kiera leads through the DIGISURANCE which is mainly organized by FLEXPERTO around Felix Anthonj. ERGO, BARMENIA, DEBEKA, DVAG, Alte Leipziger are present for the classic insurance companies and their distributors. So we are curious to see what's new in these classic channels, whether we'll be able to evolve faster and digitally from the business model at all. We are especially in Berlin to meet Ramon Niroumand, for example, the CEO of FinLeap, the parent of the online insurance broker CLARK. Nikolaus Sühr, CEO of KASKO. Tilmann Böhme the Founder of Future of Voice. We are also curious about the news from FLEXPERTO or news from Janis Meyer-Plath Co-Founder of Friendsinsurance. Generally an exciting AGENDA. Dr. Frank Grund, Executive Director of BaFIN, forty minutes in the interview will certainly be the informative highlight, where once again how to regulate.

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