Next Steps for german insurance brokers from Leipzig


The impulse for the foundation of the project GELDPILOT24 came from an interview with Searchmetrics in Silicon Valley. Our founders were impressed by the introduction to the founding culture in California, the thinking and acting in the environment of Standford University.

The brand was registered shortly before the turn of the year 2017 and the beta phases were extremely successful. Our concept was so successful that we immediately won first place at MUT Germany 2018 on our second pitch after the startup safari. And this in front of a jury of top decision makers.

The win at the MUT 2018 was mega for us. A soft landing as a GELDPILOT24-USA team or the offered business trip of up to 6 months with a GELDPILOT24 team in the USA.  Explicitly in Orlando, Miami, Florida accompanied by the US platform Mergin Minds from Orlando and GECKO2 specialized for the launch in the USA. At the headquarters in Leipzig and in the nationwide GELDPILOT24 stores, the enthusiastic support of the many new customers is running in parallel. The preparations for the start of the first stores and of course eStores in Austria are in the final. 

A Leipzig insurance broker startup starts in the USA? This plan was already in place in Silicon Valley in 2016. With the package from the profit we are well equipped to launch "SIMPLIFY-your-Finances" in Florida, Arizona and California.

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