Official: GELDPILOT tests from the North Pole to the South Pole

Worldrunner Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 start project


It's time. GELDPILOT24 will accompany Robby Clemens on his way on foot from the North Pole to the South Pole. And not only that. In addition, we will accompany Robby for a while after reaching the South Pole. Robby is on his current tour from the North Pole to the South Pole for a long time. During the tour Robby Clemens will test our platform intensively, because he can't do anything at home on these tours.


First of all, we at GELDPILOT24 love Robby Clemens and what he does, especially his social commitment. Because he meets different people on his tour, with different jobs, living conditions and climate zones, he can also report how different people and life plans are. These different lifestyles are the reason why GELDPILOT24 not only works digitally through its store partners, but also speaks personally to the people, our customers, if required. Robby experiences people personally, privately and can authentically tell them how important a personal conversation is and how much - despite all digitalisation - personal, human contact means, especially when it comes to concepts + trust. Also for this reason GELDPILOT24 sets also on the personal consultation.


Robby challenges the status quo with his expeditions. He tries the seemingly impossible and overcomes the challenges by intensive preparation, by a strong team, by inventiveness, with staying power even in difficult situations and by strong partners and sponsors.  The same applies to GELDPILOT24. 

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