Welcome on board

Falk Ernst to become Store-Partner and Social Media Expert at GELDPILOT24


How can the year start better than with three experienced new colleagues in Bavaria + Saxony?          Since today he is also aboard GELDPILOT24. After extensive discussions Falk Ernst decided to leave his current "Bavarian" insurance company. Before that, he had worked for almost a decade, in the insurance sector exclusively as an agent, for an Italian insurance company operating in Germany.


His reasons for deciding to join our start-up are manifold and well-considered. Falk is licensed in the field of investment and construction financing and has now successfully passed the IHK examination for his licence in the field of insurance. What distinguishes Falk is the pursuit of benefit for its customers. Our SIMPLIFY principle, which enables him to build up large customer portfolios in the shortest possible time, convinced him. Not least, Falk is a guy. We want types at GELDPILOT24. He studied at the Martin-Luther-Uni Halle and changed from there to the financial+insurance sector. Privately he is a kite surfer, bulli rider, active handball player, referee and in Thuringia carnival club president.

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