Women's power at GELDPILOT24

Female store partners particularly successful


The success of our female store partners is striking. This is true for long-time professionals like Petra Dils from the GELDPILOT24-Store in Bautzen but also for the starters in the qualification phase. We asked some of them in Lower Saxony and Saxony. What is the reason for the enormous success?  IT was unanimously mentioned as our CRM, which enables them to manage their daily work as leanly as if they were only working for a single finance or insurance company. The eBoardingtool enables customers and store partners a fast, high-quality start.


It is often the case that a financial+insurance profession and family contradict each other. GELDPILOT24 has made an effort by family friendliness e.g. minmal personal operational readiness level training and the employment of most modern video technologies. All customer signature tools are digitized. Also a durable, unimposed and high-level climate of respect, respect among themselves plays surely a role. Last but not least, many independent new customers lead to the fact that one does not spend so much time and effort on acquisition but more on good advice for new and existing customers.

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