Click and GELDPILOT24 supports your project

Amazon Smile or GELDPILOT24#MakeaBetterWorld


The GELDPILOT24-founder unites also that we are socially engaged for associations. Thus our customers can push their own project in their region and GELDPILOT24 can sponsor the project financially. That can be a child+youth sport association, an animal home, a social aid project....... Our customers decide and have themselves no financial expenditure for it. When starting a customer to the GELDPILOT24 platform, the so-called eBoarding, the customer selects his regional project with one click. If he does not find his project with us, he can suggest his project to us.


GELDPILOT24 only sponsors projects that can be inspired by our idea. Similar to Amazon-Smile where meanwhile thousands of German clubs have registered. If you are interested as an association in sponsoring through GELDPILOT24 you can contact us directly.

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