GELDPILOT24 and Robby Clemens in Latin America

Fast delivery of capes for the RUN-YOUR Dreams tour



The first reports that we were supporting Robby Clemens, "The german Forrest Gump" on his expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole were barely received by customers, interested parties, partners for these cool GELDPILOT24-Robby-Tour-Caps.


What's the current status? Robby received the graphic data for the current RUN cap via email from the GELDPILOT24 design team. It was then manufactured in Latin America as a unique piece.  Currently and due to the high demand, we are in the final phase of the final design finding for the cap and a larger production.


As soon as we have decided, about this week, we are looking for a service provider who supplies us with good quality caps and embroiders them top. The selection of the service provider for the production will be made next week at the latest. As soon as we have produced the first box of these special caps, we hand it over to DHL at Leipzig Airport and have it sent to a German embassy visiting Robby in Latin America.


If you are interested in Cap or to become a customer of GELDPILOT24, please contact us. Should any financial surpluses arise, we will donate these surpluses to a social project, which we select together with Robby.


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