GELDPILOT24 says Hello 2019

What will be digitally implemented?


An outstanding year 2018 lies behind us. 2019 has already begun. We are in the middle of launching new interfaces and digital ideas to inspire our customers and store partners even more. Important experts, store managers and our speaker team met for a week. Coordination of the education program, IT projects and of course the constant optimization of our online technologies was our content for one week at the start of 2019. GELDPILOT24.Club as a regional sponsor concept for clubs and projects is successful and in great demand.



Our customers should be able to enjoy completely paperless and real-time consulting. Damage reports in real time will also be part of everyday life. Already today every customer receives access to his fully digitalised financial+insurance situation. Our timetable for 2019 includes stays and talks in Germany, Austria, Italy and, of course, the USA. We firmly believe in a major change in the financial+insurance situation. You can take advantage of this change and contribute revolutionary ideas. Around 20,000 German insurance representatives, around 13% of all one-company representatives, gave up in 2019. Some have also recognised the opportunities for customers and entrepreneurs and applied as partners. For our technology in 2019 the quotation from the extreme runner Robby Clemens remains: "GELDPILOT24 simply works everywhere!

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