GELDPILOT24 starts digital network PILOTwiki

Finding optimal solutions for customers and brokers


Finding optimal solutions for customers requires a huge amount of expertise. It is a real challenge to keep track of hundreds of insurance companies with umpteen tariffs, many banks and thousands of funds. In addition, hardly any customer situation is the same as another.


To generate this knowledge as an individual financial+insurance broker alone is almost impossible. Some single company insurance agents even remain agents because they are concerned about finding the right solutions in this endless flood of data. A normal intranet is no longer sufficient, especially since it has to be fed one-dimensionally by a large number of employees every day.


GeldPilot24 has now very successfully launched PILOTwiki, an internal platform that is both a multidimensional, digital network of experts and an intranet. Access to this platform is exclusively reserved for participating brokers and a large number of experts from all financial+insurance sectors. Here, experts enter topics interactively and answer specialist questions. PILOTwiki is a digital network in which, depending on the authorisation and topics or authorisation area, each participant can read along, answer questions and insert corresponding files. In principle, the DSGVO is observed, so that all customer data and files are anonymous and will not be posted.


A search algorithm gives access to all topics. For complicated and difficult problems digital solutions are searched and found with the help of top experts. All other experts and our customers benefit from this. Digital forums, topic rooms, topic groups, eChats as well as customizable permissions and notification settings bring order to the handling.


New financial+insurance brokers benefit from the constantly growing number of solutions in the PILOTwiki. But also our support team benefits from it, because often inquiries have doubled every hour and had to be answered with a high expenditure of time. It can also be assumed that a swarm of nationwide experts offers a multitude of more solutions than a support team.


GELDPILOT24 has made it its mission to combine digital and personal solutions for maximum customer benefit. With our eBoarding, with powers of attorney and analyses, the eChecks, the recording of the health situation, documents, contract information and transmissions, we have revolutionised everything digital. Customers can board GELDPILOT24 24/7 worldwide on all devices. We check the customer's situation digitally and are also available face to face in person if there is an important need, and that nationwide. Mostly via HD video, but depending on requirements, also personally in our stores or on the customer's premises.


Customers have been able to use many new features in the GELDPILOT customer portal 3.0 since March 2020. For example, they can change their address data or account details, add new people to the household and initiate consultations+optimisations. Contracts from all companies are published daily. A colour status provides information about the status of current or missing contracts. In addition, digital emergency folders with patient+provisional orders, document folders for all insured objects and also the digital damage report including photo+video tool can be created here. With the supervising finance+insurance broker our Messenger can be communicated in the portal. This is all possible via a single account, completely independent of the device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop!


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