GELDPILOT24 with customer service fleet

Service anywhere, digital, in the stores and on site


GELDPILOT24 the all-in-one platform for finance + insurance starts your service vehicle fleet. First vehicles in Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony/Anhalt and Bavaria were and are labelled. GELDPILOT24 starts a digital and personal service and marketing concept. Surveys of the customers revealed the need for a service strategy that includes direct appointments in addition to digital service. 


The enormous increase in brand awareness should not be underestimated. GELDPILOT24 wants to start the topic insurance and finances differently, fresher and to inspire customers on-line + off-line again with Top service experience. We hold the qualification and permission as financial+insurance brokers as minimum standard. The platform offers daily updated complete access for customers to their entire Finanz+Versicherungssituation. This means for all insurance companies of a large number of well-known companies, more than 200 banks in the insurance sector and more than 20,000 funds in the investment fund sector without issuing surcharges and automated reimbursement of kickbacks at participating stores.

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